Purchase officer

Another variant on the $500/wk job offer scam is going around, this time purporting to be an opportunity from the Red Cross organization. Be vigilant when receiving messages from random people, sent to email addresses that don’t match your own, and that require contacting generic addresses or providing personal or financial information!

Document shared with you: “DEPARTMENT PROGRAMS AND DATE.docx” (via Google Drive)

Updated March 1, 2024: This campaign is going around today, utilizing legitimate Google Docs sharing tools to phish and potentially spread malware. See examples below. Do NOT click on any links if you aren’t certain you know who is sending them and why. One way to determine whether a sharing notification is legitimate is to […]

Phishing Campaign Targeting International Students

There is a phishing campaign circulating this week targeting international students. An example message is provided here. Note that it is attempting to impersonate university leadership and is making alarming statements that might cause someone to panic and act without thinking. The message is also full of grammatical errors and prompting recipients to share personal […]