Pahre’s Teaching

My undergraduate offerings in the last some-odd years include

PS 224, Politics of the National Parks. This is a seminar-sized class taught in multiple variants: a Freshman Discovery Class (with a field trip to Mammoth Cave National Park); a summer course on the Politics of the Greater Yellowstone Area, taught in Yellowstone; a summer course on the Politics of Colorado’s National Parks, taught in Colorado and Utah; and an online course on the Politics of Yellowstone based on video lectures from the field. All are approved for Gen Ed credit (Social and Behavioral Sciences: Social Science).

PS 225, Environmental Politics and Policy. This course provides an overview of environmental policy in the United States, with an emphasis on natural resources issues. It’s a lecture course with Friday labs, and approved as a General Education course (Social and Behavioral Sciences: Social Science).

PS 300 / English 380, Environmental Change and the Midwest Landscape, cotaught with Gillen Wood (English). This was an experimental “Blockbuster” course approved for General Education credit in two areas (Humanities; Social and Behavioral Sciences).  Here’s a story about the initiative.  Parts of the course have been folded into a video-based unit in PS 225.

PS 383, Vienna Diplomatic Practicum. A required part of the Vienna Diplomatic Program.

My graduate offerings in recent years:

PS 457, Global Governance: The European Union. A master’s-level course on the European Union; PS 385, “Politics of the European Union” is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.

PS 582, International Political Economy. You’ll be happier if you’ve taken PS 580 and/or 586, and if you know a little economics.

PS 586, International Relations Proseminar II. Complements PS 580, International Relations Proseminar.