I can’t use Zoom features like breakout rooms…

It’s very important that as a student, you log in through the illinois.zoom.us portal, using your illinois.edu email address. This gives you access to a Pro Zoom account with all of the same features that UIUC Faculty and staff have, including breakout rooms.

Zoom has two ways to access meetings: either you can download the Zoom client (install the software) or you can join from the web, and view the meeting inside your browser. However, the browser mode doesn’t have the full functionality of Zoom, including features that are often used in classes like breakout rooms. Breakout rooms can also be used on the Zoom app, on your phone, or with a tablet.

Instructors may also have pre-assigned breakout rooms using the student’s Net ID. If you haven’t signed in correctly using your illinois.edu email, or if you come late to the Zoom session, you won’t be automatically placed in a breakout room.

 Possible fixes:

  • Download the Zoom app to your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Sign out of Zoom, in your browser and/or in your Zoom computer app. Go to illinois.zoom.us and sign in again using your illinois.edu address and choose “Sign in with SSO” (if that’s presented as an option).  Once you’ve done this, you can click, “Join  a Meeting” and enter the Meeting ID and password.
  • [If everyone has already been placed in a breakout room, ask the Host to assign you to one manually.]

If these options don’t fix the problem, the eLearning Team will look into it further.

Please provide the following information when you contact us, so we can better assist you:

  • Name of service
  • Complete description of problem 
  • A screenshot, if possible

For further assistance, submit a request to the Student Help Desk:

    • Send in a “request for help” ticket anytime
    • An eLearning Team member will respond as soon as possible