Online Learning Tips

Prepare for Learning

  • Read the syllabus and assignment instructions carefully to know what’s expected of you.
  • Make time management a priority.
  • Mark assignment deadlines and exam/live class schedules in your calendar and check your time zone.
  • Make the most of your course’s online resources.
  • Learn from others.
  • Build relationships with classmates, TAs, and instructors.
  • Make good use of office hours and discussion forums.
  • Be familiar with the required technology.
  • Be familiar with digital library resources.
  • Find yourself a dedicated study space.
  • Manage your stress, stay healthy, and stay positive

Participate in Live Sessions

Get Ready

  • Test your login to the designated class session.
  • Stay in a quiet well-lit room, free from audio or video distractions.
  • Prepare your learning – read assigned articles or complete required assignments or course activities before the Live Session.
  • Be comfortable – get things you need ready before the Live Session: use the restroom, get yourself water or coffee, try not to leave your desk during the session.
  • Test internet/audio/video –  make sure you can be heard/seen properly and your internet is stable.
  • Stay focused – do not browse irrelevant topics or do other things that are not related to the content of the session.

Perform Professionally

  • Join the class on time and stay for the full session. Notify your instructor with schedule changes or absences well in advance.
  • Mute audio when you are speaking and turn on the camera.
  • Dress appropriately, as you would for an in-person class.
  • Do not talk about irrelevant topics through audio or chat.
  • Follow class rules shared by the instructor, such as raising your hand to be called, and do not interrupt during the lecture.

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