FIN 221 Online – Dyer (Summer II 2021)

FIN 221: Corporate Finance

Course Description

This course presents an introductory study of corporate financial management, in particular how the financial manager’s choices add value to shareholder wealth through investment financing and operating decisions.

Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in ACCY 202 and ECON 203; CS 105 or demonstration of electronic spreadsheet competency.

Course Goals

  • To make the study of corporate financial management an exciting and stimulating learning experience.
  • To understand the goal of the corporation.
  • To understand and apply the time value of money in order to value financial and real asset investments.
  • To involve you in measuring and analyzing the financial performance of a firm’s management.
  • To show you how measure cash flow for an individual asset and firm.
  • To illustrate the scientific framework underlying financial decision making and how it is coupled with sound judgment by management.

Activity Summary

A week in this course typically includes introductory exercises, practice quizzes, MindTap assignments, and discussions. Periodic exams are also a component of the course.

Instructor Information

Prof. DyerMichael Dyer

Assistant Professor
Department of Finance

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Required Materials

Custom version of Brigham & Houston, Fundamentals of Financial Management, 15th ed. Cengage/Southwest with Mindtap.

  • This is a 3-hole punched, loose-leaf hard copy of the needed textbook materials and can be purchased at campus bookstores with access to Mindtap.

Or you can purchase Mindtap access only since Mindtap also includes an electronic version of the textbook.

  • The most cost effective way to purchase Mindtap access is called Cengage Unlimited, $119/semester or $179/academic year. This gives you not only our Mindtap textbook access but access to any other Cengage Mindtap textbooks you may be using this semester. Also, a hardcopy of the book can be rented for $8 shipping via Cengage Unlimited.

Both options can be purchased at campus bookstores, and Mindtap only access for the book can purchased directly from Cengage online.

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