BADM 350 Online – Sachdev (Summer II 2021)

BADM 350: IT for Networked Organizations

Course Description

Information systems permeate all parts of an organization and can be a source of competitive advantage. The selection, implementation, and use of such information systems in a manner that delivers strategic advantages for an organization, is an essential skill for today’s business managers. If we look outside an organization, we see that industries are heavily dependent on technology or rather on information, and this changes the way organizations compete. This course will introduce you to some frameworks which will help you make sense of what is happening around you, and how organizations need to respond to the increasing pace of disruption due to technology.

Course Goals

Students will gain:

  • an understanding of the vocabulary of technology
  • an understanding of the available choices
  • an appreciation of the complexity of developing these systems
  • the realization that any technology gets implemented/used by people in an organizational context

Instructor Information

Vishal SachdevDr. Vishal Sachdev

Department of Business Administration

Faculty Profile

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Time Commitment

This is a short and intensive course, lasting 8 weeks, that will cover as much as is covered in a regular semester. Given the short time we have to work in it, you will find that Summer is busier than a regular 16-week semester.

Required Materials


Information Systems: A Managers Guide to Harnessing Technology

  • Available as an Online Book/PDF download/printed copy. This is not available in the bookstore. The book gets updated every year, so you will see the version we use when you get into the course. You can choose how much you want to spend, based on your preferences, but the base version is very affordable.

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