BADM 311 Online – Luckman (Summer II 2021)

BADM 311: Leading Individuals and Teams

Course Description

This is an advanced course in organizational behavior aimed to help you become more effective at work. The course will advance your ability to analyze, understand, and guide human behavior in organizations. It will do so by examining purpose at work, power and hierarchy, ethical decision-making, and culture, among other topics. The result will be a greater ability to handle workplace challenges and a greater ability to thrive. Although proficiency in technical skills is a necessary foundation for entering the workplace and launching your career, it is your ability to understand and manage the human side of an enterprise that will ultimately contribute to your success.

Course Goals

  • Define concepts related to leading effective teams, such as leadership
  • Describe the challenges that leaders must navigate that are unique to today’s global society
  • Differentiate between knowing concepts in theory and practicing concepts in action
  • Illustrate the value of reflection in personal leadership development
  • Experiment with ideas from class for further learning and personal development
  • Design and create a final project that both educates others on concepts from class and demonstrates what students have learne

Instructor Information

Elizabeth LuckmanProfessor Elizabeth Luckman

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Time Commitment

This is a short and intensive course, lasting 8 weeks, that will cover as much as is covered in a regular semester. Given the short time we have to work in it, you will find that Summer is busier than a regular 16-week semester.

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