BADM 380 Online – Bucheli (Summer II 2021)

BADM 380: International Business

Course Description

This is an introductory course in international business. The basic content of the course includes (1) an overview of the means of conducting international business, with an emphasis on what makes international different from domestic; (2) the effects of the social systems within countries on the conduct of international business; (3) the major theories explaining international business transactions and the institutions influencing those activities; (4) the dynamic interface between countries and companies attempting to conduct foreign business activities; and (5) corporate strategy alternatives for global operations.

Course Goals

  • Understand the different challenges business face when they operate in an international environment
  • Examine the various cultural, political and legal issues that impact international business activity
  • Examine the international institutions and practices that impact international business
  • Understand trade and investment theory, foreign exchange and the determination of foreign exchange rates
  • Appreciate the interaction of business and government as they relate to international commerce
  • Develop insight into the management implications of international business strategy and operations.

Instructor Information

Marcelo BucheliMarcelo Bucheli

Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration

Faculty Profile

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Time Commitment

This is a short and intensive course, lasting 8 weeks, that will cover as much as is covered in a regular semester. Given the short time we have to work in it, you will find that Summer is busier than a regular 16-week semester.

Required Materials


Textbook: Hill, Charles W. International Business. New York: McGraw-Hill. 10th Edition.

Additional Materials

We will be using Connect, an online tool from McGraw Hill, throughout our online class.

Enrollment Information