OTS Committees

Education Committee

Education committee is involved in running first year anatomy lab, practice practicals and wet labs for all years along with supplemental study materials on our OTS google drive.

Social Committee

Social Committee plans many social events for OTS each year, including Mug Club, bowling/paintball events, and many more! We work with the treasurer to plan events and try our best to get everyone involved! Our goal is to bring everyone together, to have fun and get to know one another! If you have any questions or fun events you would like to see us put together,  please feel free to reach out at illinoisotssocial@gmail.com or Rebecca Berton: rberton2@illinois.edu

Pet Wash Committee

OTS hosts a pet wash event every semester to benefit a local shelter. Community members can bring their dogs to get a bath, nail trim, and more! For more information or questions please reach out to Lindsay Huffman lhuffma2@illinois.edu or Amanda Stiegal stiegal3@illinois.edu
Clothing and Open House Committee
Road Race Committee
Pet Visits Committee