Aug. 2018 Nien-Pei received a second NARSAD Young Investigator Grant from Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation.

Jul. 2018 Collaborative study with Chung lab is accepted in Neurobiology of Disease. Congrats Kwan Young.

Jun. 2018 Kathryn’s paper is accepted in Neuropharmacology.

May. 2018 Best wishes to Steven who is departing for medical school of UIC.

May 2018 Kwan Young’s paper, a collaborative work with Dr. Hee Jung Chung at UIUC, is accepted in Hum Mol Genet.

Apr. 2018 Kwan Young is promoted to Research Scientist.

Apr. 2018 Rosa receives outstanding TA award.

Mar. 2018 We are awarded a 5-year R01 grant from NINDS/NIH to study protein ubiquitination in neuronal excitability regulation.

Feb. 2018 First year MCB graduate student Daphne Eagleman joins the lab. Welcome!

Jan. 2018 First year NSP graduate student Stephanie Soriano joins the lab. Welcome!

Jan. 2018 MCB graduate student, Daphne Eagleman, is doing a rotation in our lab.

Nov. 2017 Nien-Pei joins the Editorial Board of PLoS One.

Sep. 2017 Debby passed the Qualifying Exam!

Sep. 2017 Welcome our new MCB290 undergraduate student, Tiffany Jong.

Sep. 2017 Collaborative study with Chung lab is accepted in Scientific Reports. Congrats Debby.

Aug. 2017 Nien-Pei joins the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports.

Jul. 2017 Debby’s paper, a collaborative work with Dr. Auinash Kalsotra at UIUC, Dr. Hee Jung Chung at UIUC and Dr. Hua Lu at Tulane University, is accepted in Hum Mol Genet.

Jun. 2017  NSP graduate student, Stephanie Soriano, is doing a rotation in our lab.

Apr. 2017  Nien-Pei gave a talk at Simons Foundation Investigator Meeting.

Feb. 2017 Rosa’s paper, a collaborative work with Dr. Hengye Man at Boston University and Dr. Hee Jung Chung at UIUC, is accepted in PLoS Genet.

Nov. 2016 Our collaborative paper with Dr. Kim Huber’s lab at UT Southwestern is accepted in Hum Mol Genet.

Aug. 2016 Welcome our new MCB290 undergraduate student, Steven Saletta.

Jul. 2016 Rosa passed the Qualifying Exam!

Jun. 2016 Welcome our new MCB290 undergraduate student, Aeshaa Pathak.

Jun. 2016 Best wishes to Jon who is departing for medical school of Northwestern University.

Mar. 2016 Kathryn’s paper, a collaborative work with Dr. Catherine Christian’s lab at UIUC, is accepted in Molecular Brain.

Nov. 2015 Rosa is selected to represent UIUC in 2016 HHMI international graduate student fellowship competition.

Sep. 2015 Welcome our new MCB290 undergraduate student, Luke Mittelstaedt!

Aug. 2015 Nien-Pei received a two-year NARSAD Young Investigator Grant from Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation.

Jul. 2015   Kathryn and Rosa’s paper is accepted in Journal of Neurochemistry.

May 2015  Welcome our new graduate student from NSP, Debby Liu!

Mar. 2015  Jon is the recipient of 2015 MCB Summer Research Fellowship!!

Jan. 2015  Welcome our new postdoc, Dr. Kwan Young Lee!

Dec. 2014  Nien-Pei gave seminars at Academia Sinica and National Taiwan University.

Dec. 2014  First year MCB graduate student Rosa Zhu joins the lab. Welcome!

Nov. 2014  Welcome our first postdoc, Dr. Kathryn Jewett!

Nov. 2014  Nien-Pei chaired a nanosymposium at SfN annual meeting in Washington DC and gave a talk about synapse elimination.

Sep. 2014  We received a Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative-Explorer Award!

Sep. 2014  Welcome our second rotation graduate student, Rosa Zhu!

Aug. 2014 Welcome our first MCB290 undergraduate student, Jonathan (Jon) Bacos!

Aug. 2014 Welcome our first rotation graduate student, Nick Lai!

Aug. 2014 Nien-Pei’s Review article is accepted in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta.

Jul.  2014  Lab space (Burrill 417/423) is under minor renovation.