Ongoing Projects

EMPOWER weight loss program

EMPOWER is an online weight loss program based on previous in-person trials, Individualized Diet Improvement Program (iDip). Moving the program to online greatly increases accessibility and affordability of the program. Furthermore, to improve a success rate of participants, the program is re-designed to address non-dietary issues by collaborating with Dr. Janet Liechty, School of Social Work. Although EMPOWER uses an online platform, it is not an automated program. The core feature is regular evaluation of participants’ progress and provision of advice by a team of professionals in nutrition, social work and medicine. We are currently enrolling Carle patients with obesity-related comorbidities for a clinical trial. More details can be found at EMPOWER.

MealPlot development

MealPlot is a unique mobile app to complement the EMPOWER weight loss program. The main objective of developing this app is to provide the EMPOWER participants with Protein-Fiber Plot at their fingertips, which will enable them to build knowledge and skills to create their own weight loss diets. The app development has been done in collaboration with Applied Research Institute (ARI), College of Engineering. The app can be accessed at