11/27/18 — Katherine Hsieh, a Phd student in the MCRL has new article in the Journal of Gait & Posture. Katherine examines the application of smartphone technology as a predictor of fall risk. You can read the full article here. And, get access to our press release: Smartphone technology and fall risk.


5/3/18 — College of Applied Health Sciences award ceremony. Our very own undergraduate research assistant won the Catherine G. Morse Scholarship from the Kinesiology and Community Health Department. Congratulations, Annabelle!

4/13/18 — Research Conference at UIUC. Katherine Hsieh explaining MCRL research to UIUC’s Chancellor.

3/30/18 — New Journal Article. Dr. Sosnoff and Dr. Rudroff looked at the effects of alternative treatment on those living with MS. Here’s the article.

3/1/18 — New Journal Article. New article out of the MCRL looking at multiple studies examining postural stability in individuals with MS. Take a look

2/16/18 — Pilot Grant Awarded. The MCRL’s post-doctoral student, Ruopeng Sun, was the recipient of a CHART Pilot Grant for research at Clark-Lindsey Village this semester. The study will look at the real-world usability/feasibility of a mixed reality headset for fall risk evaluation in older adults.

2/1/18 — New Journal Article. Another article out of the lab about assessing balance impairment in MS populations using novel technology. You can read it here.

1/29/18 — Dean Hanley-Maxwell from the College of Applied Health Sciences at Illinois stopped by the Illini Fall Prevention Clinic to get a fall risk assessment and one-on-one exercise advice. 

1/17/18 — New publication out!  Newest article from the lab that was published in the BMC Geriatrics Journal titled “Novel sensing technology in fall risk assessment in older adults: a systematic review.” It assesses technology used to provide fall risk assessments in older adults. You can read more in the online journal

12/18/17 — New Manuscript! Newest manuscript coming out of the lab is titled the “Use of a short version of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence scale in multiple sclerosis” and it will be published in the International Journal of Multiple Sclerosis Care. We’ll let you know once the article comes out so you can read it, too. Congrats to Tyler, Jake, and Doug for their hard work on this paper.

11/29/17 — New Manuscript! The MCRL published a new paper in the Journal of Digital Biomarkers entitled “Assessment of Postural Sway in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis Using a Novel Wearable Inertial Sensor.”

10/26/17 — New Manuscript! The MCRL published a new paper in the Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation. The paper talks about the circumstances of falls among wheelchair users with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. You can read more here.

9/26/17 — Fall Prevention Awareness Day. We enjoyed hosting balance challenges for the community at the Fall Prevention Awareness Day at Phillips Recreation Center. We also do balance challenges in our Illini Fall Prevention Clinic on campus. Contact us at 217-244-7006 to schedule your own personalized assessment.

9/17/2017–MS Walk 2017! The MCRL attended the MS Walk at Crystal Lake on Sunday. Staff and students were on hand to talk about the Fall Prevention Clinic with the community. 

8/29/2017–New Manuscript! The MCRL published a new paper! This is a systematic review that examined the use of mobile phone technology to measure balance and fall risk. Read more about it here.

 8/24/2017–Fall Clinic reached its 100th client! The Illini Fall Prevention Clinic has reached its 100th client!  Thank you to everyone who has helped make the clinic a success! You can also schedule a follow-up assessment to see your progress. For new clients, you can schedule an appointment at

8/14/2017 — Interview with Dr. Sosnoff! Dr. Sosnoff was interviewed in Neurology Today about his study involving wearable devices in Multiple Sclerosis patients. These sensors help track their everyday activity. Read about it here!

 6/14/2017 — Safe Landing Strategies Study! Today we had some fun with our new equipment for the Safe Landing Strategies study. This one is coming soon and we will be teaching older adults how to fall safely. And don’t worry, we will take better care of you, our participants!
6/10/2017 — Interesting Falls Article from CNN! “Scientists are now encouraging people to learn how to fall to minimize injury — to view falling not so much as an unexpected hazard to be avoided as an inevitability to be prepared for.” This article is related to a new study in the MCRL where we actually teach people how to fall safely. Stay tuned for more information about recruitment soon! Click the headline above to read more.
6/2/2017 –Fall Clinic in the News Gazette!  Professor Sosnoff is featured in a new article for the News Gazette and this time its all about the Fall Clinic! He talks about fall facts and details what we have been doing at the clinic. Read, share, and schedule an appointment today. Click here to view the article. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all updates about the Illini Fall Prevention Clinic. 
 5/19/2017 –Smartphone App Field Test at Clark-Lindsey!  The proposal Real-world usability testing of a smart phone application designed to measure fall risk in seniors was selected for funding by the Collaboration for Health, Aging, and Technology Research! Prof. Sosnoff is working closely with Prof. Deana McDonagh of Industrial Design, Dr. Jason Fanning of Wake Forest University, and Dr. Douglas Wajda of Cleveland State University to test the usability of a smartphone app focusing on fall risk assessment. The funding will allow our team to test the app with residents at Clark-Lindsey Village this summer.
4/12/2017–Steady Cell Phone App! Not only is Dr. Sosnoff a published author, but he is also the creator of a cell phone app! The app will be used to accurately assess fall risk from the convenience of your mobile phone.  It isn’t up & running yet, but when it is, you can get all the information from this website!  In the meantime, click here to read about Dr. Sosnoff and his team’s work toward developing Steady.
Pictured below left to right: Dr. Douglas Wajda, Dr. Ruth Sosnoff, Dr. Jacob Sosnoff, and Dr. Jason Fanning.
4/4/2017–It’s all About U! Stuck inside because of the rain? What a great time to check out the Illini Fall Prevention Clinic on “It’s All about U.”  Dr. Sosnoff and our lead trainer Tyler Wood chat about all that we offer at our clinic. Watch today by clicking here!
3/28/2017–Fall Clinic! The Illini Fall Prevention Clinic took our services into the community! We screened over 30 participants at Presence Health, as well as Circle of Friends Adult Day Center. We enjoyed meeting new people and helping them learn about their fall risk! Have you scheduled an assessment with us?
Call 217-244-7006 to make an appointment!
3/1/2017–Yaejin receives outstanding award! Not only has Yaejin been an author on several accepted manuscripts, she has also been the recipient of numerous awards.  Her most recent award includes the Robert L. Sprague Thesis Award.  This award is given to a Kinesiology or Community Health graduate student in the KCH Department who shows academic merit. This is a very prestigious recognition & her hard work has set her apart from many of her peers.  Congratulations, Yaejin!
2/15/2017–Manuscript Accepted!  A If you were wondering how to make today great, look no further! Make it great by reading the most recently accepted manuscript, which talks about dual task training in persons with MS! Manuscript
1/31/2017–Public Library of Science!  A huge Add another accepted manuscript to this list! Start your day today by checking this one out. congratulations to a few of our lab members: Katie Roeing, Yaejin Moon, and Dr. Jacob Sosnoff for the acceptance of their manuscript. Click on the link to read! “Monitoring Gait in Multiple Sclerosis with Novel Wearable Motion Sensors“.
1/31/2017–Gait Termination Manuscript Accepted!  A huge congratulations to a few of our lab members: Katie Roeing, Yaejin Moon, and Dr. Jacob Sosnoff for the acceptance of their manuscript. Click on the link to read! “Unplanned Gait Termination in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis“.
1/26/2017–The New York Times  Have you ever wondered if there is a way to fall properly? Read some tips from paratroopers, stunt professionals, physical therapists, and martial arts instructors!  “The Right way to Fall“.
1/3/2017–Medpage  Happy New Year from the MCRL! Start your day off by checking out another excellent read from MedPage Today. Dr. Sosnoff is quoted as he talks about fall risk in individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Here you go!  “Addressing the High Risk of Falls in People with Multiple Sclerosis“.
12/16/2016–Medpage  Professor Sosnoff was quoted on Medpage! His expert opinion discusses how bladder management could possibly reduce the risk of falls in individuals with MS. Just click on the link to check out this great article!  “Incontinence Tied to Recurrent Falls in MS“.
12/13/2016–Dr. Doug Wajda receives his hood!  Congratulations to Dr. Doug Wajda on getting hooded this past weekend!  To make the ceremony even more special, Dr. Sosnoff was able to present Doug with his hood. What a great event!
12/12/2016–NeuroMatters!  Dr. Sosnoff is helping to improve fall risk! His research, along with fellow investigators, was featured in the Fall edition of NeuroMatters. The article discusses how automated assessments might help prevent fall risk. jake-nm
10/11/2016–Wall Street Journal Our very own Yaejin Moon and Professor Sosnoff were in the Wall Street Journal! Their article explained how martial-arts might help to reduce the risk of injuring a hip when falling. Check it out!Martial-Arts Move May Lessen Impact of a Hip Fall“.
9/26/2016–Fall Clinic is Mobile! The Illini Fall Prevention Clinic successfully completed it’s first mobile clinic! We traveled to Clark Lindsey to offer assessments to residents who are concerned about their fall risk. If you or someone you know might be interested in learning about your fall risk, contact us at 217-244-7006!CL 1
9/4/2016–Wired In! Professor Sosnoff was recently in Champaign’s News Gazette for his balance phone app! The app offers risk assessment and management right in the palm of your hand. Check out the article here!Wired In: Jacob Sosnoff“.
8/22/2016–Published Article! Dr. Doug Wajda and Dr. Sosnoff are published authors! Along with Anat Mirelman and Jeffrey Hausdorf, their article “Intervention modalities for targeting cognitive-motor interference in individuals with neurodegenerative disease: a systematic review” was published in the Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics journal. Way to go, Dr. Wajda and Dr. Sosnoff!
8/8/2016–Yaejin’s paper is accepted! Congratulations to Yaejin! Her fall strategy review paper was just accepted! Her study looked at various ways to land safely when falling and to reduce the risk of injury. The results of her research showed that having landing strategies can be very effective in reducing the risk of injury when a fall occurs.
7/26/2016–Meeting with Lieutenant Governor! Dr. Sosnoff traveled to Chicago, Illinois to meet with Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Saguinetti in his role as co-chair of the Multiple Slerosis Task Force for the Illinois Department of Health. While in Chicago, he presented the Lieutenant Governor with 20 different recommendations that would help improve the quality of life for individuals in Illinois living with Multiple Sclerosis. These recommendations included improved access to specialists, removing insurance caps on maintenance physical therapy, and continuing to promote research. The Lieutenant Governor might even visit our lab, compliments of Dr. Sosnoff’s invitation!
6/28/2016–Talk at Carle Hospital! Dr. Sosnoff is giving a talk at the first ever Carle Neuroscience Institute Grand Rounds talk! Dr. Sanjiv Jain of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Carle Foundation Hospital and Dr. Jacob Sosnoff, Lab Director of the Motor Control Research Laboratory at UIUC will discuss their recently awarded Carle Illinois Seed Grant to investigate ways to automate fall risk assessments in older, high risk adults. They have also partnered on several upcoming research studies that examine uses of technology in improving outcomes and efficacy of rehabilitation therapies.
6/24/2016–PhD Earned! Douglas Wajda has defended and passed his dissertation! douged2016
5/25/2016–On TV! Prof. Sosnoff and crew were on WCIA’s Current segment talking about the Illini Fall Prevention Clinic! Here’s the clip! 
5/23/2016–In the News! Professor Sosnoff shared exactly why fall prevention is needed in the Illinois News Bureau in a piece titlesWhy America’s Aging Population Need to Think about Preventing Falls“.
5/17/2016–COZAD Competition! The MCRL team created a smart phone app that measures and quantifies personal risk factors called Balance Better. It recently won six months of free lab space in [co][lab] office space in the COZAD New Venture Competition.
5/14/2016–Graduation! Congratulations to our recent MCRL Grads! We will miss you greatly! Clare Bonistalli, Grace Harmon, Sophia Mascarenhas, Olivia Morrison, Stephanie Rancich, Reno Stephens, and Maggie Stojak
4/18/2016–2016 William A. Chittenden Award! MCRL’s recent graduate received the 2016 William A. Chittenden Award which is presented to an outstanding ISE graduate student pursuing a graduate degree in the Department of Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering. Congrats, Chandra Jayaraman!chandra and Jake
3/1/2016–KCH Department Award! Yaejin Moon, an MCRL Grad Student won the T.K. Cureton Physical Fitness Research Award! Great job! She’s another reason our research stays successful.
2/6/2016–Article in USA Today! Our very own lab director Dr. Jacob Sosnoff was interviewed by USA Today! Here’s the article! Click here to see it! 

1/29/2016–We had a great time with Dr. Missy Morrow and her awesome crew when they visited Friday and Saturday to work on the I-Glove!


1/8/2016 — Testing New Technology! We are starting a new study testing a novel sensor made by MC10. Here’s a link to check out this new technology! If you’re interested in the study, you can get the details here!
11/3/2015–PhD Defense! Today, MCRL’s Chandra Jayaraman defends! We wish him the best of luck!
10/29/2015–Presentation! Dr. Sosnoff presented at the ACRM 92nd Anual Conference!. Click here for a look at the program!
10/12/2015–New Publication! Chandra Jayaraman has a new publication! Here’s a link to the abstract
9/15/2015–On the news! Yaejin Moon was on the news for her talk yesterday at the Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium! Here’s the video! 

9/14/2015–Platform Presentation! Our very own Yaejin Moon is presenting at the Health Care Engineering Systems Symposium today! For more information, click here!

3/13/2015–New Paper Published! MCRL has another paper published titled, The Relationship between Balance Confidence and Cognitive Motor Interference in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. Authors include DA Wajda, KL Roeing, E McAuley, RW Motl, and  JJ Sosnoff. A link to the paper will be up soon!

3/2/2015–New Article about MCRL! Deborah Mitchell, a free-lance health writer, has written about the MCRL and its studies! Check it out here! Multiple Sclerosis Falling Studies Seek Participants.