Automated Fall Risk Assessment at Carle

This study looks at using a commercially available gaming system (Microsoft Kinect) to assess fall risk. The study takes place at Carle Hospital. The goal is to see if this type of system can automatically assess fall risks for hospital and clinical care centers. This would help cut costs and increase efficiency for doctors and clinicians. 

Where and how long?

The research procedures will be conducted at Carle Foundation Hospital’s Osteoporosis and Bone Health Clinic. You would be asked to participate during a normal clinical visit. Participation takes about an hour.  You would also be asked to track your falls through a fall diary for 4 months. Someone from our lab will call you each week during that time to chat about your falls.

There will be only one visit for this study, lasting approximately one hour on top of your normal clinical appointment. There will also be one phone call every other week for 4 months after the research visit where you will be reminded to complete your fall diary and asked about any falls. This call will last approximately twenty minutes.

What would I be doing?

The study involves completing a clinical fall risk assessment as well as an automated fall risk assessment with the TV. You will also be doing some activities of daily living such as standing up from a chair and walking short distances. Finally, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire packet that gives us general demographic information.

Is there compensation?

You will receive $20 for taking part in this study once the fall diary data has been collected. The cost of parking at Carle Hospital will also be paid for you.