Walking, Balance, and Falls in Cancer Survivors

Recruiting now!

The MCRL is working to understand the relationship between walking, balance, and falls in cancer survivors. The study is a one time visit to our lab on campus. The testing takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. All test are simple and easy to complete. You will also receive a comprehensive fall risk report upon completion!

Click the image above to see a sample fall risk report.

What will I be doing?

The testing requires you to perform some walking, balance, thinking tasks, and activities you would do in everyday life. The walking is short and covers 25 feet. The balance tasks ask you to stand as still as you can. The thinking tasks include a connect the dots activity, a category test, a word list test, and subtracting by 7s. To complete the fall risk report, we will look at your vision, leg strength, body awareness, reaction time, and balance on an unstable surface.

Do you Qualify?

Come see us if you:

  1. Are a stage 1-3A cancer survivor
  2. Are an adult 18 or older
  3. Can walk independently or with a cane
  4. Are finished with cancer treatment

If interested, please contact Katherine Hsieh at klhsieh3@Illinois.edu or (217)244-7006