Campus Efforts

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Campus Development Efforts

Mobile Application Development & Deployment

AITS provides a full suite of development, testing, and deployment services for native mobile applications on the iOS, Android and responsive mobile web platforms. Services include analysis, design, construction, testing, and submission of the app to the iOS App Store and Google Play. All deployments to the iTunes App Store for apps under the University of Illinois name are done by AITS.


University of Illinois Mobile Applications

Mobile Apps Available from the University of Illinois   Examples include the University of Illinois app, University Dining App, and Minrva for the Undergraduate Library.

AITS Mobile Application Strategy

AITS’ efforts in mobile development.


Innovative Uses of Mobile on Campus


ExploreCU seeks to curate the arts, culture, and history of Champaign-Urbana and its surrounding area through community-generated content. Learn about the region through layered, map-based, multimedia presentations, use social media to share your stories , and experience informative tours of Champaign county. Get the app. ExploreCU is available in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Android App Market.

CITES Tablet Initiative – Innovative Teaching with Technology

CITES seeks to collaborate with campus instructors and staff interested in exploring the use of iPad and Android-based tablets for teaching and learning, student engagement, and outreach.

College of Education – Mobile Learning Initiative

The vision for a Mobile Learning Initiative (MLI) at the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign focuses on the belief that one of the guiding principles for 21st Century learning is to provide learning opportunities for students in which they acquire the skills necessary for living and working in a society where the proliferation and role of technology is evident.

Chemistry – Creating Interactive Online and Mobile Resources with HTML5

HTML5 together with CSS3 and JavaScript can be used to create engaging interactive learning activities deliverable to both computers and mobile devices, including Android OS phones, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

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