Are you or your romantic partner returning home from deployment soon?

Military couples are needed for a research study in which both partners complete a 45-minute online questionnaire about their romantic relationship. Each person will receive a $15 e-gift card from Amazon if both partners complete the questionnaire.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if you meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You are in a romantic relationship,
  2. You and / or your romantic partner is scheduled to return home from deployment soon,
  3. Both of you enroll in the study within 7 days of the service member’s return home from deployment,
  4. Both of you have access to a secure Internet connection,
  5. Both of you have your own email account, and
  6. Both of you are willing to participate.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up, send an email to with

  1. Your name and email address,
  2. Your partner’s name and email address (please indicate which person is returning home from deployment), and
  3. The anticipated date or month of the service member’s return home (within the limits of OPSEC).

Have Questions?

Email Dr. Leanne Knobloch, Department of Communication, University of Illinois (

Project Details

This project is being funded by the University of Illinois. Data collection procedures were approved by the University of Illinois Institutional Review Board (protocol #15651).


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