NSF CIF: Small: Coding for DNA-Based Storage, PI Olgica Milenkovic (Collaboration with H. Zhao)

NSF CIF:Small: Ordinal Data Compression, PI Olgica Milenkovic (Collaboration with A. Mazumdar)

NSF CIF: Small: Collaborative Research: Synchronization and Deduplication of Distributed Coded Data: Fundamental Limits and Algorithms, PI Olgica Milenkovic (Collaboration with L. Dolecek and S. El Rouyhaeb)

NIH BD2K U01 Software Development Program, Genomic Data Compression: From Information Theory to Parallel Algorithms, PI Olgica Milenkovic (Collaboration with J. Ma, W-M. Hwu, D. Chen, T. Weissman)

CIA Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, Coding Techniques for Rewritable DNA-Based Storage, 3 years, PI Olgica Milenkovic.

NSF-IOS Network Landscape of Photothermal Flowering in Soybean, Olgica Milenkovic (co-PI), Yoshie Hanzawa (PI), UIUC.

SRI: Optimizing DNA Storage Efficiency via Joint Constrained and Error-Control Coding, (PI), Electrical and computer engineering; Jian Ma, Bioengineering; Huimin Zhao,Chemical and biomolecular engineering, UIUC.

NSF CCF: Small: Collaborative Research: A General Theory of Group Testing for Genotyping, (PI), co-PI A. Barg, University of Maryland.

NSF CCF, Nonlinear Low-Rank Tensor Completion with Applications in Systems Biology, (PI), co-PIs: Ely Kerman and Pierre Moulin.

NSF-STC, Center for Science of Information (UIUC PI).

AFRLDL-EBS AFOSR Proposal, Compressive Sensing and Coding for Complex Networks, (PI), co-PI Andjelija Nedich, UIUC.

NSF CCF  Design and Analysis of Compressed Sensing DNA Microarrays, (PI), co-PIs Richard Baraniuk (Rice), Elezar Eskin (UCLA), Alon Orlitsky, Tatjana Simunic-Rosing (UCSD).

NSF  Career Coding Theoretic Problems in Genetic Data Acquisition, Modeling and Analysis.

DARPA Young Investigator Award: Belief Propagation Algorithms for Compressed Biosensing.

NSF CRI Wireless Internet Building Blocks for Research, Policy, and Education, (Co-PI), PIs: Tim Brown and Dirk Grunwald.

NSF CCF Constrained and Error-Control Coding for DNA Computers (PI).

Colorado Center for Information Storage, Construction and Analysis of Generalized LDPC Codes for Storage and Optical Communication Systems, (PI).

Lincoln Lab Fellowship.

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