Schedule for MIDSEM 2015

The keynote and all panels except 4b will be held in Smith Hall room 25; panel 4b will be held in Smith Hall Room 106

Friday 4/17


Keynote 4:00-5:30, Richard Wolf: Music and Moral Being in Central South Asia

Reception 5:30-6:30 at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Stage 5

Dinner 6:30


Saturday 4/18


Panel 1 9:30-11:00, Owning Music, Owning the Nation

Chair: Gabriel Solis

  • Thalea Stokes, “UNESCO Awarding Khoomei as a Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage
  • Mili Leitner, “Composing Racial Diversity in Israel”
  • Joseph Maurer, “Negotiating National Identity through American Patriotic Song in the Tea Party Era”

Panel 2 11:15-12:15, Music, Healing, and Politics

Chair: Michael Silvers

  • Heather MacLachlan, “The Gay Choral Movement and Progressive Social Change”
  • Rohan Shirali, “Songmaking as Healing in Diverse Sociocultural Settings”

Lunch 12:15-1:30

Panel 3 1:30-3:30, Music and Embodiement

Chair: Gillian Rodger

  • Emily Rose McManus, “Tango and Musicality: Toward a Theory of Gendered Listening Practices on the Dance Floor”
  • Jennifer McKenzie, “You Know How You Always Imagined Spain to Be? That’s the Way It Really Is’: Flamenco, Gitanidad, and the Construction of a National Image in Franco’s Spain”
  • Brian Oberlander, “Ghostly Aesthetics: Flamenco-Arab Fusion, Moorish History, and Moroccan Immigration during the 2013 Millenial of Granada”
  • Kelsey Klotz, “Sweating Sound: Labor, Intellect, and Race in Miles Davis’s Sound Discourse”

Panel 4a 3:45-5:15, Filmic Ethnomusicology

Chair: Jack Forbes

  • Ines Guanchez, “Visualizing Radiohead: A Fan-Made Video Goes Mainstream
  • Heike Hoffer, “Ode to Joy: Beethoven’s Daiku in Anime
  • Joshua Henry, “Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho: From Groundbreaking to Iconic

Panel 4b 3:45-5:15, Historical Ethnomusicology (SMITH HALL 106)

Chair: Gabriel Solis

  • Kelli McQueen, “Changing Identities: Blues Fiddle and the Mississippi Sheiks”
  • Joe Soonthornsawad, “What’s Real is the Music: Listening for Hybridity in the Music of Indian American Jazz Artists”

Business Meeting: 5:15-6:00

Dinner 6:00-7:00


Balkanalia (UI Balkan Music Ensemble), 7:30 pm, Smith Recital Hall, Free Admission
“At the Wedding, on the Square: Selections from the Balkan Dance Floor”
Donna A. Buchanan, Director
Lillie S. Gordon, Associate Director

Sao Paulo Underground 9:00, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Stage 5, Free Admission


Sunday 4/19


Panel 5 9:30-11:00 Gender and Pedagogy in Sacred Music

Chair: Donna Buchanan

  • Angela Glaros, “The Sound of Orthodoxy: Gender, Power, and Liturgical Singing in Greek-American Churches in Downstate Illinois”
  • Emmanuel J. Stokes, “Crossing Boundaries: Investigating Gospel Music on College and University Campuses through a Gospel Music Workshop Case Study”


Panel 6 11:15-12:45, Perspectives on African Music

Chair: Lillie Gordon

  • Yu Fan, “Ethnomusicology, Jazz, and the Idea of African Music”
  • Hilarius Wauku, “Brass Band Music in the Volta Region of Ghana: A Funeral Context for Repertoire and Performance Style”