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[May 2019] We have graduate research assistant positions in our group on the intersection of deep learning, uncertainty quantification and network modeling. Details can be found here.

[May 2019] Mohammad Amin Nabian has been awarded the Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate College. Congratulations to Mohammad on this prestigious recognition.

[Apr 2019] Mohammad Amin Nabian has been selected by UIUC College of Engineering as one of the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) for the 2019-2020 academic year. More on the fellowship program can be found here: Congrats to Mohammad!

[Mar 2019] Negin Alemazkoor has been selected as one of the Rising Stars in Computational and Data Sciences and will attend an event sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin and Sandia National Labs in April 2019. Congratulations to Negin!

[Nov 2018] Our group’s entry to the 2018 INFORMS Rail Problem Competition won the 2nd Place Prize. Congratulations to Mohammad and Negin. Full story.

[Aug 2018] Our journal paper on preconditioning for improved compressive sampling of polynomial surrogates is accepted for publication in Computational Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. Congratulations to Negin.

[Jul 2018] Our conference paper on recursive data-driven prediction of traffic flow with faulty sensors is accepted for presentation at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (IEEE ITSC 2018). Congratulations to Negin and Shiyu.

[Jul 2018] Our 2018 INFORMS Annual Meeting submission on efficient collection of connected vehicle data with precision guarantees is accepted. Congratulations to Negin.

[Feb 2018] Prof. Meidani receives NSF CAREER Award to study fast and accurate software tools for interdependent infrastructure systems. Full story