Media Workflow Series / No. 5: Starting an Editing Project

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Choosing an Editing Program

There are many different programs that allow you to edit your software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audacity, and much more. The Media Commons Workstations in the UGL offer those three programs and the full Adobe Creative Creative Cloud Suite. A full list of software on our workstations can be found here:

Want to make sure that a workstation is available when you need it? Reserve one in advance! –

Media Commons Workstations photo
Media Commons Workstations

Importing Media

Before you begin editing your project, you must import your media into your editing program. To do this, locate the media browser in your program and click “import media.” You will be able to import your media from wherever it is stored, including an external drive or on your computer’s hard drive.

Make sure that your media storage device (hard drive, flash drive, etc.) is connected to your computer whenever you are editing. This is necessary to link the media in the editing project to the original video and/or audio files.

Additional Resources: is a great resource full of tutorials on how to import and organize your media with various types of editing programs, and you have free access as a University of Illinois Student!

More information on media storage can be found in the Media Commons Workflow Post #4: