Ahmed Ettaf Elbanna


Ahmed Ettaf Elbanna, PhD.
Associate Professor,
Donald Biggar Willet Faculty Fellow
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
     National Center of SuperComputing Applications (Faculty Affiliate)
         Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (Faculty Affiliate)
2219 Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory,
205 N. Mathews Ave,
Urbana, IL 61801

Educational Background

  • BSc. in Civil Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, July 2003.
    • Graduation Project: Analysis and Design of a Steel Cable-Stayed Bridge Crossing the River Nile at Aswan.
    • Adviser: Prof. Metwally Abu Hamad
  • MSc. in Structural Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, May 2005.
    • Thesis: Analysis and Design of Tapered and Curved Fully Welded Steel Frame Corner Connections
    • Advisers: Prof. Sherif Safar (Main) and Prof. Bahaa Mashaly (Co-adviser).
  • MSc. in Applied Mechanics, Caltech, USA, June 2006.
  • PhD. in Civil Engineering, Caltech, USA, June 2011.
    • Thesis: Pulse-like Ruptures on Strong Velocity Weakening Frictional Interfaces: Dynamics and Implications
    • Advisers: Prof. Thomas H. Heaton (Main) and Prof. Nadia Lapusta (Co-adviser)

Professional Experience

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2020- present), Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2013- 2020), Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • University of California Santa Barbara (2011-2012), Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Physics.
    • Mentor: Prof. Jean M. Carlson.
  • Arab Consultant Engineers (Moharram-Bakhoum) (2003-2005), Structural Engineer in Steel Structures Division.

Honors and Awards



Donald Biggar Willet Faculty Fellow, Grainger College of EngineeringArab American Frontiers of Science, Engineering, and Medicine – Invited participant
2019 Journal of Applied Mechanics Paper Award
2018 Teachers Ranked Excellent by Their Students (Fall 2018- CEE 470: Structural Analysis)
2018 National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Award
2015 National Center of Supercomputing Applications – Faculty Fellow
2005 George Housner Fellowship (Caltech)
2004 Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Academic Record in Engineering Nationwide – National Ceremony of Science and Engineering (Egypt)
2003 Outstanding Academic Record Prize, Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering

Professional Memberships

  • Engineering Mechanics Institute.
  • American Geophysics Union.
  • American Physics Society.
  • Society of Engineering Sciences.
  • United States Association of Computational Mechanics