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Office for Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Grant


The Office of Undergraduate Research’s (OUR) Fall 2015 conference travel grant competition is now open for students whose presentations have been accepted for a conference during Fall 2015 and early Spring 2016. The deadline for submittal of applications is October 5, 2015, and applications are available through the portal on their website’s (www.undergradresearch.illinois.edu) Students/Funding page. Any questions may be addressed to their office at ugresearch@illinois.edu.

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Informational Meeting


Thinking about joining a research laboratory? Interested in learning about various research on campus? Check out the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)! They will be holding an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd 6:30pm at 1027 Lincoln Hall and all students are welcomed. For more information about the society visit http://www.asbmb.org/

If you have any questions, contact them at asbmbuiuc@gmail.com

Undergraduate Research Position Available


Dr. Steven Blanke’s lab (Department of Microbiology) is currently seeking an undergraduate student to work on a project which investigates the mechanism by which Helicobacter pylori manipulates host metabolism and immune response in order to survive in the harsh gastric environment.

Interested students should be in their Sophomore/Junior year and must be able to work summers. Research experience is preferred but not necessary. The student will be involved in laboratory meetings/discussion and SERIOUS time commitment is required. The student will be trained to perform many different techniques relating to molecular and cellular biology and he or she will also be taught the science and rationale behind the experiments.

Any interested students should email to ikim11@illinois.edu.  Please include a cover letter and CV for interview consideration. The cover letter should include how a research position will benefit the applicant and further his/her academic goals. Expected date of graduation must be clearly stated in the CV. Please respond by MIDNIGHT Sep. 2ndThose who already applied for other positions in our lab are still encouraged to apply. No applications can be reviewed after that time. The student will commence laboratory duties immediately this upcoming Fall 2015 semester.

Opportunity for an Undergraduate Research Position

The Blanke Laboratory is seeking a talented undergraduate to conduct research. This position is time demanding with high expectations, and is best suited for an undergraduate interested in pursing graduate school (either a masters or PhD), preferentially in microbiology or cell biology. It is also ideal for a student planning to graduate in the spring of 2017. However, students pursing other careers or are graduating later than 2017 are certainly welcome to apply and will be considered.
The research project a student will investigate in this position is the molecular pathogenesis of infectious disease. Specifically, the mechanisms that a bacterial toxin from the human gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori uses to target the mitochondria, and the host cell response to toxin mediated mitochondrial damage. The experience will provide students with the skills necessary to plan and perform experiments, collect and interpret data, and present results to others. Laboratory skills that the student will potentially practice (depending on the exact nature of the project) include standard molecular biology techniques, bacterial culturing, protein purification, biochemical analytical procedures, animal work/histological analyses, microscopy, and working in cell culture based systems. Depending on the exact direction of the project, a student may choose to pursue other methodologies as well.
If interested, please contact Robin Holland (rhollan2@illinois.edu) for questions or to schedule an interview by Friday, August 28th. The position will begin as early as possible in the fall semester to allow for registration for MCB 290 before the registration deadline.