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Important Information for Students Pursuing the Chemistry Minor

If you need advanced hours to complete the chemistry minor, you have a variety of classes to choose which should challenge and interest you.

Please note that some course seats such as CHEM 360 are in high demand by chemistry majors and seats may not be available for student’s pursuing the minor. Restricted seats will be opened according to this website. http://advising.scs.illinois.edu/information-on-chbe-and-chem-courses-restrictions/

Students who are needing advanced hours to complete the chemistry minor can choose any of the following courses:

CHEM 312 Inorganic Chemistry credit: 3 Hours.

CHEM 332 Elementary Organic Chem II credit: 4 Hours. – Never Restricted

CHEM 360 Chemistry of the Environment credit: 3 Hours.  Likely will be full before restrictions removed.

CHEM 436 Fundamental Organic Chem II credit: 3 Hours.  

CHEM 440 Physical Chemistry Principles credit: 4 Hours. – Never Restricted

CHEM 442 Physical Chemistry I credit: 4 Hours.

CHEM 444 Physical Chemistry II credit: 4 Hours.

CHEM 450 Astrochemistry credit: 4 Hours.

CHEM 474 Drug Discovery & Development credit: 3 Hours. – Never Restricted

CHEM 480 Polymer Chemistry credit: 3 or 4 Hours.

CHEM 482 Polymer Physics credit: 3 or 4 Hours.

CHEM 483 Solid State Structural Anlys credit: 4 Hours.

CHEM 488 Surfaces and Colloids credit: 3 or 4 Hours.

The following courses may not be used to complete the minor: CHEM 315 , CHEM 397, CHEM 420, CHEM 445,CHEM 447, CHEM 492, CHEM 494, CHEM 496, CHEM 497 and CHEM 499.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program in the Department of Chemistry

Apply to do summer research in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign! The program will run for 10 weeks (May 29 – August 6) and it is seeking students who have not previously conducted research, are members of underrepresented groups (including women), or are first-generation college attendees. Students who have completed coursework at the sophomore to junior level by June 1, 2016 are their intended scholarship recipients. Because of high demand, applicants should be planning to obtain a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry or related fields between January 1m 2017 and August 31, 2018.

The scholarship provides:

  • $5,000 stipend for a ten-week stay in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Housing at Europa House in Urbana, within walking distance to the Department of Chemistry and the rest of the campus.
  • Round trip travel cost (up to $800)
  • $600 living allowance

Potential applicants should have at least two semesters of organic chemistry lecture and laboratory. They should also be inclined to pursue graduate studies in chemistry. Applications may be made at the website http://www.chemistry.illinois.edu/reu/. For detailed information about research areas of individual faculty members, please see http://www.chemistry.illinois.edu/faculty/index.html.

Application deadline: February 12, 2016 (Letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline)

2016 UIUC REU Flyer[5]

Chemistry TA Positions Available


The School of Chemical Sciences is looking to fill about 40 teaching positions for their Chemistry courses this semester. To apply you need to be at least a junior and need to have taken through organic chemistry I (CHEM 232). The commitment is for 10 hours/week at $14.25/hour for 15 weeks. Interested students should email Tom Hummel (tjhummel@illinois.edu) as soon as possible with the following information:

  • Chemistry/Biochemistry classes taken
  • Grades in those classes
  • Attach your current fall schedule