M.E.Ch.A. de UIUC Presents 8th Annual Semana de la Mujer 

For the 8th consecutive year, Movimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlán de UIUC will commemorate la mujer, her struggles and her victories, in a week long celebration during Women’s Her/History month through workshops and a performance.

Each day there will be a different event that focuses on matters that affect women. The themes addressed by this year’s events will include self-expression through art, immigration activism, and media portrayals of Latinas.

Monday, March 16th: Natalia Anciso

The Art of Our Roots

Location: TBD

Natalia Anciso is a Chicana-Tejana visual artist and educator. She currently lives in and works out of Oakland and is pursuing her MA in Education at the University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Education. Natalia will be facilitating a workshop focused around self-expression through art. She will be talking about how her Chicana-Tejana roots have influenced her work.

Tuesday, March 17th: Claudia Garcia-Rojas


4pm | Asian American Cultural Center

A dynamic workshop created by Claudia Garcia-Rojas of the Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women that addresses the way muxeres Latinas remain marginal to different medias. Always portrayed as stereotypes, never as complex subjects, latina women face multiple struggles in countering big media narratives that frame us as either maids or vixens.

Wednesday, March 18th: Tasleem Jamila


8:30pm | 1090 Lincoln Hall

A rare soul filled with healing power and energy, Tasleem Jamila is an author, inspirational speaker,poet, writer, emcee, vocalist, creative & social entrepreneur, Chicago radio host/ journalist and cultural producer. Through her powerful poetry, transformational healing workshops and her innovative passion to create unforgettable productions lies her true mission: to heal the universe with her various art forms and skills.

Thursday, March 19th: Joanna Perez

Undocumented, Mujer, and Unafraid: Latina Undocumented Immigrant Activists

7pm | La Casa Cultural Latina

Joanna Perez is currently pursuing her PhD in Sociology with a minor in Latina Latino Studies at UIUC.

Millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. have been deeply affected by the rise of exclusionary immigration policies, border enforcement, and deportation rates. Consequently, the Immigrant Rights Movement has gained momentum and recognition nationwide. While the rights of all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are not yet guaranteed, several Latina undocumented immigrant activists nationwide have tirelessly and selflessly devoted themselves to create social change.The purpose of this workshop is to understand and celebrate the resilience, strength, and perseverance of Latina undocumented immigrant activists.