Fall 2013 Grades

The Fall 2013 academic progress audit is scheduled to begin Thursday, January 2, 2014 and continue through Tuesday, January 7, 2014.  During the period of January 2-7, the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office at 2002 Lincoln Hall will be open on a limited basis: the ARO unit will not be available for walk-ins, but we will have staff answering phones and assisting students with pressing issues.  The Access and Achievement Office at 112 English Building will be closed until January 10.
Fall 2013 grades will be made available to students on Saturday, December 28.  All students will be able to access their posted grades online and will see an academic status (good standing, probation, or drop) displayed.
NOTE:  these are computer-assigned academic standings and are NOT FINAL.  Students are advised of the provisional character of the academic standing notation when viewing their grades, via the following message:
The academic standing displayed on December 28, 2013 as a result of your Fall 2013 reported grades is provisional. Your college office is currently reviewing academic standing for all students. Reviews will be complete and results posted on the web for viewing January 7 at 5 PM.

If you have questions about your academic standing after that time, please contact your college office.
No information regarding academic status, including confirmation of what is listed provisionally, is to be offered by telephone, due to FERPA concerns.
*Medical or other DOCUMENTABLE extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control which affected their Fall 2013 academic performance may be brought to the attention of the College through e-mail  (las-studentoffice@illinois.edu) and/or fax to the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office (217-244-9498).  These materials must be received by the College NO LATER THAN 11:59 pm ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 3 if they are to be taken into account by the College review committee.
*Students who are confirmed or placed on academic drop status by the College during its review will be informed by e-mail only.
*All students who have been confirmed on probation as a result of the College review will receive an e-mail message from the College advising them of this fact, and indicating their minimum GPA requirement on 12 graded credit hours which must be earned in the next term. Also, those for whom special action is required, such as seeing an assistant dean or advisor to sign an Academic Advising Agreement, will have an explicit note regarding this requirement in their e-mail.
You may also find it useful to know that January 13 is our day for cancelling Spring 2014 registrations for students who are on drop status.  This action will not be taken if a student has an updated academic record for the Spring term indicating an ICT into another college.
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