About me

I am a research scientist at HERE, a Nokia business. I am a also an adjunct assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

My main interests are in 1) computer vision and graphics techniques for object detection and reconstruction, and 2) large data processing and visualization. This is a really broad category that includes mobile augmented reality, 3D reconstruction from images and point clouds, and vector graphics for information display.

In Spring 2011 and Fall 2013, I co-taught courses in Mobile Augmented Reality with John Hart (http). The courses were sponsored with phones from Nokia (N900 with Maemo and Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone).

My past includes wide scientific interests ranging from pure theory to applications in medicine. As an undergraduate student, I studied theoretical physics at the University of Bucharest with Professor Andrei Ludu. Next, as a graduate student at the University of Southern California, I studied arithmetic geometry with Professor Wayne Raskind. Later, I worked as a research professor at the University of Virginia with Professor Ladislau Steiner on diverse medical imaging and computer visualization techniques for brain surgery. Lastly, before taking my current position with NAVTEQ, I worked with Professor John Hart at UIUC on shape modeling and vector graphics rendering.

Links to workshops that I co-organized in the past:

  • Midgraph 2012 http
  • ISMAR 2011 Workshop: Enabling Large-Scale Outdoor Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality http