At Purdue University, I created a course that allows graduate teaching assistants to document and reflect on their experiences (ENE 687). This course fulfills some requirements of several teaching certificate programs. I also developed a course on academic writing for graduate students in engineering education. In the fall semester, I typically taught the Engineering Education Foundations course for new doctoral students.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I regularly taught an introductory course for first-year students (ECE 110); undergraduate courses on digital logic (ECE 290) and professional ethics (CS 210, ECE 316); and a graduate course on college teaching (EOL 585). I created courses on technology and society (CHP 396), distributed computing (ECE 428), formal methods (ECE 478), and computational complexity (ECE 579). I collaborated with colleagues to develop a course on digital information technologies for students outside engineering (ECE 101) and two half-hour movies that dramatize case studies in engineering ethics. I mentored students for the Leadership Certificate Program and conducted short programs across the campus on engineering ethics, research ethics, and college teaching. I organized and led national workshops on teaching for new faculty in 1995 and 2000.

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