Methods & Outcomes

Metadata Mapping

Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design

The project team has been working on mapping the Motley Collection of Theatre and Costume Design’s existing CONTENTdm Dublin Core metadata records into The chief challenge has been the conflation of metadata fields and information between the work for which the record pertains and the play being represented in the work. allows for reconciliation of this issue, as denoted by our mapping style. The full mapping is available in the draft mapping document (.pdf), along with a detailed narrative description of the mapping process (.pdf).

Portraits of Actors, 1720-1920

With lessons learned from the Motley collection mapping, we reviewed field names used for the Portraits of Actors collection (see appendix 2) and identified four different types of <CreativeWork>: <VisualArtWork>, <StageWork>, <Book>, and <Collection>. For the <VisualArtWork>, we mapped fields that described the visual image itself, such as ID Number, Title, Date, and Subject. Local fields that described the actual play performed were mapped to <StageWork>, and physical and digital collections information are mapped to <Collection> to show the relationships between item and collections (both physical and digital). We decided to use the <Book> for additional published work of a play with a <additionalType>, that has ‘Play’ as the default value. Please see the current mapping for the Portraits of Actors collection embedded below, or available for download here:

Field name mapping Thing > Creative work > VisualArtwork
ID Number scp:standardNumber (Text or URL)
Title schema:name (Text)
Date schema:dateCreated (CreativeWork)
Role schema:character (schema:Person)
Subject schema:about (schema:Thing)
Type schema:artform (Text or URL)
Dimensions schema:height and schema:width
Technique schema:artMedium (Text or URL)
Creator schema:creator (schema:Person or schema:Organization)
Publisher schema:publisher (schema:Organization)
Description schema:description (Text)
Rights schema:license and use URL.

(The statement should be stored in somewhere, such as Project webpage.)

[copyright] schema:copyrightHolder (schema:Organization and <rdf:about=”“> for UIUC Library as a default value.)
Collection schema:isPartOf (schema:Collection)
Repository schema:provider (schema:Organization)
[photo] schema:isPartOf (scp:StageWork)
Field name mapping Thing > Creative work > StageWork
Play schema:name (Text)
[photo] schema:image (URL) (Use the value of the reference URL from CONTENTdm)
Field name mapping Thing > Creative work > Book
[published work] schema:name (Text)
[additional type] schema:additionalType (URL) []
Field name mapping Thing > Creative work > Collection
Collection schema:name
Physical collection schema:isPartOf (schema:Collection) [asserting that Portraits Collection is part of the physical collection]


New Item Record Mockups
Wireframes of new item record interfaces have been drafted to incorporate RDFa and new linked data that will be added to item metadata. The interface is key to the incorporation of linked open data, and its utilization by users. Each record will have a dynamically generated left hand column with linked data pulled into the item record from DBpedia, VIAF, the Library of Congress and other sources. The information under the item will be generated from metadata stored in CONTENTdm. Here are the full mockups (click each photo for full resolution):