Research and Publications

M.S. Thesis: Changing Edges in Graphical Model Algorithms

Stochastic Information Processing Systems (with SONIC)

This research area seeks to establish statistical foundations for information processing to achieve energy efficiency and robustness in emerging nano-scale beyond-CMOS functional fabrics, which are physically stochastic. It will do so by matching the fabrics’ inherent statistical attributes to those of emerging machine learning frameworks for statistical inference (which are functionally stochastic). The goals of this research area are to achieve orders-of-magnitude improvements in energy-efficiency and robustness for compute-intensive, sensing, and communication-intensive tasks implemented in beyond-CMOS technologies.


Data and Networks

– Computational Gastronomy on Graphs

This project seeks to use data on food chemistry, including flavor, texture, and olfactory, to understand the scientific side of culinary practice and human sensory perception of food. Motivations of this research project includes creating novel recipes to encourage people to eat in a healthy way to reduce obesity [1],[2], and improving the experience for people who have dietary restrictions or are constrained by environment limitations such as hospital patience, astronauts, and those with allergies. Interested researcher are encouraged to learn about the Food and Data Workshop hosted by my advisor and our committee!


Interesting Related Projects:

– Sports Analytics with Dynamic Network Models

This project uses tracking data of sporting events and combines dynamic network analysis and control theory to perform various kinds of analysis that is not obvious or easily to be characterized by scores of the matches. Motivations of the research project includes providing insights to team coaches, final score prediction, and real-time strategy recommendations, etc.


  • L. Chang, “Use ‘Redundancy’ in Graphs for Soccer Match Analysis: Understand the Collective Intelligence among Agents,” IBM Cognitive Colloquium, 2016

Interesting Related Misc:



[1] F. Pinel and L. R. Varshney, “Computational Creativity for Culinary Recipes,” in Proceedings of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Toronto, Canada, 26 April – 1 May 2014. (Link)

[2] H. Bai, R. Chunara, and L. R. Varshney, “Social Capital Deserts: Obesity Surveillance using a Location-Based Social Network,” in Proceedings of the Data for Good Exchange (D4GX), New York, New York, 28 September 2015. (NYC Media Lab – Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange Paper Award) (Link)