Senior Design:

My wonderful teammates: Hellen Dou and Sam Rohde
Designed and implemented a parking system with inductive sensors, wireless communication module, database, and web application to help find the nearest street parking spots in urban settings. The goal is to reduce the time of drivers finding street parking in heavy traffic areas, and thus improve the traffic conditions.  (Senior Design Teamwork Award Fall 2014)

hardware prototype
webapp screenshot


  • Built a robot trashcan that can locate an object, calculate its landing position, and catch it using Ardunio and ultrasonic sensors, and presented at Engineering Open House as Team WECE (Photos)
  • Built an automated kitchen herbs watering system with EFM32 Zero Gecko MCU, humidity & temperature sensors, and Lego with my intern friends at the time, Younas A Salam and Kevin Pham at Silicon Labs and won cash award
    Team Illinois + Texas students!Working hard after workWork in progress
    Team Illinois + Texas students!
    Working hard after work
    Work in progress
  • Built a self-navigating car running along a colored track using Arduino, CA modules, BJTs, and infrared sensors


  • Designed and built a self-stabilizing Reaction Wheel Pendulum that resists external force with PID controls


  • Blueorange – built a webapp for home safety monitoring for Allstate Hackathon in a team of 3 within 24 hours
  • Rideshare – built a webapp that allows people to car pool and share ride in Chicago area on MySql and PHP framework


  • Developed an Android app that is able to read an image of sheet music and play it on Nexus 7 tablet using the techniques of signal processing


  • Designed 8-bit transmitter-receiver pair that encrypts, decrypts, and corrects message based on Hamming code, and modified low-level ISA structure that enables more instructions using FPGA
  • Implemented programs to factor 25-digit-prime number and conduct correlation attack in linear time