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ANNOUNCEMENTS: University Librarian Note
Check back next month for a new Note from Dean Wilkin.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Building Project Update – 4/1/2019
Tom Teper, Associate Dean for Collections and Technical Services

Committee and Working Group Updates
The kick-off meeting for the Programming the Main Library Building WG was held on December 19, 2019. Kirstin Dougan is chairing the working group, and more information on the working group and its efforts can be found here: https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/committee/the-library-as-catalyst-project-programming-the-main-library-building-wg/. According to Kirstin Dougan, “The Programming Working Group is in the information gathering phase. We have conducted conversations on study and other public use spaces, instructional space needs, and staffing spaces. We have also met with Jen Yu to discuss analyzing the information gathered from the Library salons.” Additionally, the ITHAKA Undergraduate Survey is complete, and members of the working groups have been examining the results.

The kick-off meeting for the Managing the Library’s Collections Working Group was held on January 7, 2019. Paula Carns is chairing that working group, and more information on the working group and its efforts can be found here:  https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/committee/the-library-as-catalyst-project-managing-the-librarys-collections-wg/. According to Paula Carns, “The Collections Working Groups has been busy discussing the future of the collections in the Main Library and has drafted preliminary collections criteria, discussed survey results from the online survey, and began discussing non-book formats and reference materials. The next scheduled meeting is on April 4, 2019.”

An initial draft of a charge for a working group to help steer work on the Special Collection’s building was developed. At the time this update was being written, it is being circulated among members of the Special Collections Division prior to revision and transmittal to the Library’s Executive Committee.

The framework under which these and other working groups directly associated with this project will work is posted here: https://www.library.illinois.edu/staff/committee/the-library-as-catalyst-project-a-framework-for-working-groups-and-input-solicitation/.

Contracts and Firms
The University Library received approval to begin work with an architectural firm to help with the programming activities effective February 22, 2019. Chicago-based Johnson, Lasky, Kindelin (JLK) Architects is the approved firm, and they will be working with a firm knows as BrightSpot Strategy to help the University Library and our campus partners to begin developing the program for the Library Building Project. More information on JLK Architects, including information on other projects they have helped develop, can be found on the company’s website: http://www.jlkarch.com/. BrightSpot Strategy’s website can be found here: https://www.brightspotstrategy.com/.

A kick-off meeting was held on March 14, 2019. The firm will be meeting with others on campus and in the Library in the coming months.


  • Monthly Updates – As you know, there are now monthly updates about the Library Building Project distributed via LibNews. These will be posted in a separate section of LON. The intent of both is to ensure open communication of specific information related to the Library Building Project.
  • Quarterly Updates – The third Quarterly Update for the project was held on March 13, 2019, from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. in 66 Main Library. The fourth Quarterly Update is scheduled for June 17, 2019. We anticipate that the live stream provided by the Media Commons will be available for this one as well.
  • Website – The Library Building Project has a website located at: https://www.library.illinois.edu/library-building-project/. Here you can read about the vision behind this program, seek answers to many of the Frequently Asked Questions that might arise, and read about upcoming events or project news. You can also submit additional questions to the project team at librarybuildingproject@library.illinois.edu.
  • Reddit – On January 28, 2019, John Wilkin, Tom Teper, and Heather Murphy held an Ask Me Anything session with Illinois Reddit users to answer questions about the Library Building Project.
  • ITHAKA Faculty Survey – The ITHAKA Faculty Survey went live several weeks ago and included some questions for members of the faculty related to the Library Building.

The assigned project coordinator from F&S is Dennis Craig. Dennis has been involved in numerous projects across the University Library. He also serves as the Campus Historic Preservation Officer and is serving on the feasibility study being conducted related to the instructional facility that may be situated adjacent to the Main Library.

As noted earlier, the University Library recently received approval to work with JLK Architects and BrightSpot Strategies. Based on the kick-off date of March 14, 2019, the schedule below represents the most current estimated project timeline for this phase:

Library Redevelopment Plan Programming and Conceptual Design Study

Long-Term Project Schedule

Following the completion of the initial Programming and Conceptual Design phase, the schedule below represents a best guess as to the project schedule through December 2024.

Library Redevelopment - Design/Bid/Build

Outreach and Engagement
As noted in the last Quarterly Update, the Library holds the last “Salon” for Library personnel in early April 2019.

There are also two focus groups scheduled with undergraduate students. These will be held in early to mid-April 2019.

Finally, we will be working in the spring to find opportunities for broader town-hall type discussions.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Strategic Planning Team
The Library Strategic Planning Team (LSPT) invites you to continue to stay engaged with the 2019–23 strategic planning process by visiting the Library Strategic Planning website (https://wordpress.library.illinois.edu/staff/administration/strategicplanning/) and dropping in to the upcoming LSPT Co-Chairs Office Hours:

  • Tue 4/2/2019, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. – Library – Main – 308

We also welcome you to write to us with any questions and contributions.
~Clara, cmchu@illinois.edu and Merinda, mhensle1@illinois.edu
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Data Nudge is a monthly data management reminder that comes with quick, easy tips designed by our local Research Data Service staff. Currently, there are more than 280 subscribers from different areas, both on and off campus. Data Nudge topics vary, based on data life cycle or data-related events/issues. To view past Data Nudge content, visit http://go.illinois.edu/past_nudges. To subscribe, go to http://go.illinois.edu/nudge. If you have any topic suggestions, please use this form at https://go.illinois.edu/topic_suggestion.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Undergraduate Research Week
Undergraduate students from all disciplines will be sharing their scholarship via Undergraduate Research Week the week of April 14 – 20. Please consider supporting our undergraduates by attending one of the departmental sessions or the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Illini Union, Ballroom A, B, and C on Thursday, April 19. The final schedule will be posted closer to the date. You can also follow on Twitter @ugresearch_UI, and subscribe to the blog for symposium updates. If you have questions or comments, please reach out to Merinda Hensley at mhensle1@illinois.edu.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Grant Announcements for External Fundraisers
As always, if you are interested in all grant opportunities across disciplines, feel free to subscribe to the OVCR’s list at https://groups.webservices.illinois.edu/subscribe/19149.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Heidi Imker or Kathie Veach.

NEH Grants
There are no pending IMLS deadlines at this time.

04/10/2019 – Fellowships
Output: Book, Article, Digital Material & Publications, Archaeological Report, Translation, Edition, Other Scholarly Resource

04/10/2019 – NEH-Mellon Fellowship for Digital Publications
Output: Digital Materials & Publications

05/15/2019 – Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants
Output: Buildings, Equipment, Digital Infrastructure

05/15/2019 – Preservation and Access Education and Training
Output: Preservation Courses or Curricular Materials, Conservation Graduate Programs, Preservation Workshops, Fellow Positions in Conservation

05/15/2019 – Research and Development
Output: Web Resources, Report, Computer Program

06/12/2019 – Digital Projects for the Public
Output: Game/Simulation, Web Resources, Mobile App, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Curricular Materials

07/16/2019 – Humanities Collections and Reference Resources
Output: Digitized Collection, Web Resources, Catalogs, Databases, Encyclopedias

09/19/2019 – Humanities Connections Planning Grants
Output: Curriculum, Community Partnerships, Faculty Development,                              Teaching Resources

09/19/2019 – Humanities Connections Implementation Grants
Output: Linked Courses, Curriculum, Community Partnerships, Faculty Development, Teaching Resources

10/15/2019 – Dialogues on the Experience of War
Output: Curriculum, Community Partnerships, Discussions Groups, Facilitator Training

12/04/2019 – Scholarly Editions and Translation Grants
Output: Book, Translation, Edition, Music edition

12/04/2019 – Collaborative Research Grants
Output: Book, Digital Material & Publication, Other Scholarly Resource, Themed issue of peer reviewed journal, Conference, Workshop

01/15/2020 – Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections
Output: Preservation Supplies/Equipment, Reports on Preventive Conservation

01/15/2020 – National Digital Newspaper Program
Output: Web Resources, Digitized Newspapers
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Library Tip of the Month
The Library sends a monthly email to new faculty at Illinois during the fall and spring semesters. These emails introduce many of our services and resources to this important audience.

You can view the March LTOTM at https://emails.illinois.edu/newsletter/209254.html.

If you have ideas for future emails, please feel free to share them with Heather Murphy.
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Collection Development Committee Notes
The most recent meetings minutes of the CDC are posted at:
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Content Access Policy & Technology Meeting Minutes
The meetings minutes of CAPT (including work group reports) are posted at:
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ANNOUNCEMENTS: Recognizing Excellence

Please forward journal editorships or editorial board membership, elected and invited external service appointments, honors, and awards information to Heather Murphy.
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HR NEWS: Vacancies

  • Library Specialist, Communications – received Master Referral, interviewing soon

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HR NEWS: New Employees

  • Ana Rodriguez, RBML (March 1)
  • Cait Coker, RBML (March 15)
  • Spencer Keralis (June 16)

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HR NEWS: Departures

  • Janet Knight, Resignation (March 1)

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IT NEWS: Tom Habing’s Last Day
Just a reminder, Tom Habing’s last day with the Library was March 15th. If you have questions about anything Tom may have been helping you with, please send a ticket to the Library IT Help Desk at help@library.illinois.edu.
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FACILITIES: Facility Project Updates

  • ACES Funk Library – Additional Staff OfficesF&S finalizing consultant contract to design office space for staff on the second floor.
  • Library Programming and Conceptual DesignJohnson Lasky Kindelin Architects & Brightspot Strategies are the consultants for the project and a kickoff meeting took place March 14, 2019.
  • Main Library – Reading Room Renovation and 220 Conceptual Design 50% construction drawings arrived for review March 15, 2019 and conceptual design review meeting took place for room 220 on March 14, 2019.
  • Main Library – 1st Floor Central Service Point – 95% construction document review meeting on March 19, 2019.

For a complete list of projects in planning and construction, please see: https://wordpress.library.illinois.edu/staff/facilities/
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Staff Events Calendar
To see the most up-to-date staff events calendar, please visit https://uiuc.libcal.com/calendar/staff.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: 2019 Library Walking Challenge
The Library and the Wellness Group are pleased to bring you the 2019 Library Walking Challenge!

Starting Monday, April 1st through Sunday, April 28th, you can participate in the Annual Library Walking Challenge! This year we will be walking to four beautiful area parks and increasing our weekly cumulative step average each week. Participants who have turned in their weekly steps on time for all four weeks will receive a fabulous prize.
For more information go to https://guides.library.illinois.edu/walking2019.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Image of Research Award Reception
Image of Research Digital Sign

Please join us on April 3 from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. in Main Library 220 for the graduate Image of Research awards. Remarks begin at 4:30. A preview of the images that will be displayed is here: https://publish.illinois.edu/imageofresearch/2019/03/18/graduate-image-of-research-2019-semi-finalists-announced/. See who won and vote for the People’s Choice Award!
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Research and Publication Webinar Series – Part 4 – Assessment in Technical Services
April 3
1:00 – 2:00 p.m., 428 Main Library

Have you wanted to perform research but don’t know where to start? Do you have an idea for research but are unsure about what to do next? Do you want to understand how to perform assessment or how to visualize data to show value to stakeholders? Then this webinar series is for you. This five-part series will introduce attendees to the research and publication process, specifically for those working in technical services areas. Part 4 focuses on assessment in technical services areas and explains how to match assessment goals to methodologies.

This webinar series is presented by the Research and Publications Committee of the Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS).
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Library Blood Drive
The Blood Mobile will be parked in the Undergraduate Library circle drive from 10:30 – 3:00, April 4. Sign up on the Staff Calendar, https://uiuc.libcal.com/calendar/staff.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Moms Weekend Spring Open House
April 5
3:00 – 5:00 p.m., 346 Main Library

Moms Weekend Digital Sign

The RBML will have books on display: new acquisitions and spring-themed rare book favorites. Curators will be on hand to answer questions. Anyone interested in rare books and special collections is encouraged to stop by. Tea and cookies will be served!
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Solving the World’s Challenges: Biodiversity and Conservation
April 9
3:00 – 4:00 p.m., Funk ACES Library, 2nd Floor

Solving the World's Challenges Digital Sign Graphic

Three experts from across campus (Milton Tan, Prairie Research Institute; Dan Miller, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences; Conor O’Shea, Landscape Architecture) will each discuss their research related to biodiversity and conservation and respond to questions from attendees. Their research ranges from identifying new species, to conserving biodiversity while enhancing well-being of the world’s poorest people, to rethinking cities with ecology and biodiversity in mind. This panel presentation will be an opportunity for people to come together in the Funk ACES Library to learn about and discuss research related to one of the world’s major challenges – biodiversity and conservation.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Creative Connections
Wednesday, April 10 – Paper Box Making with Martha Dequtis
12:00 –  1:00 p.m., 428 Main Library

Thursday, April 25 – Games, Games and more Games
12:00 –  1:00 p.m., 428 Main Library
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April 10
10:00 a.m., 314 Main Library

WordPress Essentials training is a 60-minute training session hosted by members of the Web Team. This session gives users basic knowledge of WordPress functionality, so they can be ready to edit their sites. Attendance of at least one of this type of training is required to gain access to your WordPress site. Visit https://www.library.illinois.edu/wp-training/schedule/.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Brown Bag: Transgender Experience and Allyship Panel
April 11
12:30 – 1:30 p.m., 106 Main Library

Working with Jennifer Heaton at Housing, we are doing a follow up transgender Q&A panel. There will be several people who are transgender who will do a short Q&A with some preset questions and then open up to a general Q&A. Have a question you’ve been dying to ask but were feeling anxious about asking? Ask them at this panel! Bring your lunch if you like!
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: A Conversation with Frances de Pontes Peebles
April 13
2:30 p.m., 321 Main Library

Frances de Pontes Peebles Talk Digital Sign

Join the International and Area Studies Library for an event with the Brazilian-American author of The Seamstress and The Air You Breathe.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Scholarly Commons Speaker Series: Abolish Big Data

Milner Talk Digital Sign

Yeshimabeit Milner, the Founder and Executive Director of Data 4 Black Lives (d4bl.org), will be speaking in 220 Main Library on April 16 at 4:00 p.m., with a reception to follow. Data 4 Black Lives is a group of activists, organizers and mathematicians committed to the mission of using data science to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people. Details of Milner’s talk are here: https://www.library.illinois.edu/sc/events/speaker/. If you would like a flyer to publicize this talk, please contact Emilie Staubs (estaubs@illinois.edu).
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: NISO Webinar: The Power of Library Consortia: How Publishers and Libraries Can Successfully Negotiate
April 17
12:00 – 1:30 p.m., 428 Main Library

This session will examine the role and powers of the modern library consortium. Content and systems providers are aware of the need to successfully address consortia demands, but may not be as aware of the importance of collaboration with such groups. Consortia may be set up to satisfy different needs or achieve specific goals in areas such as licensing of content or technological support. Regional or statewide consortia can offer publishers significant insights into what may be expected in a forthcoming fiscal year or the flaws in a proposed business model. The session is intended to foster engagement as well as understanding between supplier and buyer.

Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Emily Farrell, Library Sales Executive, MIT Press
  • Jill Grogg, Licensing Program Strategist, LYRASIS
  • Jill Morris, Executive Director, PALCI

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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Albert Lee and Home of Their Own Films
April 24
3:30 – 4:30 p.m., 126 iSchool

Dr. Vanessa Rouillon ’13 will call in after the Home of Their Own and the Albert R. Lee:  A Man of Substance films are shown.
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EVENTS AND TRAINING: Women of Jazz: An Inside Look 

Women of Jazz Poster
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If you would like to submit content for the May issue of Library Office Notes, please submit it to Heather Murphy or Tom Teper by April 19, 2019.