Recent Publication: Harris on “The School Librarian as Information Specialist: A Vibrant Species”


Frances Harris

Frances Harris

In a recent article in Knowledge Quest, Frances Jacobson Harris examines the role of school librarians given the ease of accessing information through the web:

Now that students can easily access the web, some believe that school libraries and librarians are no longer necessary. School librarians understand that classroom teachers do not have the training or the time to assume the role of information specialists. Scholars also know that it is not enough to simply access content, especially for learners. As information specialists, school librarians are in a unique position to teach students to use content in a responsible manner. The author works in a setting where the school librarian’s information specialist role is pressingly important, University Laboratory High School in Champaign, Illinois, a public high school for three hundred gifted 8th through 12th graders.

Harris, Frances Jacobson. “The School Librarian as Information¬† Specialist: A Vibrant Species.” Knowledge Quest 39.5 (2011): 28-32. Print. Available Online.

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