Full Program: Fourth Annual Library Research Showcase

Join us on November 14!

The University Library is pleased to invite the campus community to the Fourth Annual Library Research Showcase. The event will be hosted in the Main Library from 1-4 PM on Monday, November 14, 2016. Library faculty and academic professionals will present their research in a variety of formats. Their research impacts the global library and information science profession as well as other scholarly fields.


  • 1:00-2:00 PM
    Posters and Tech Demos, Main Library Room 106 and first floor hallway
  • 2:00-3:30 PM
    Lightning Talks, Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library South
  • 3:30-4:00 PM
    Poster Viewing Continues, Main Library Room 106 and first floor hallway

A full presenter lineup and abstracts are below.

Posters                                      Main Library

  • Susan Avery, Kirsten Feist Transforming the ESL Experience: Assessing First-Year International Students in the Instruction Classroom
    • In 2015-16, the Undergraduate Library evaluated the impact of library instruction on English as a Second Language student learning. Findings included the need for multi-format instructional support in the flipped library instruction environment and a stronger emphasis on source evaluation.
  • Sara R. Benson Reinvisioning Fair Use: A Critique of the Copyright Office’s Circular 21 Guidelines
    • The U.S. Copyright Office’s Circular 21 offers recommendations for the use of print materials for research and education, but it has fallen out of date. This poster compares Circular 21 with recent fair use case law to advocate for necessary updates.
  • Bethany Anderson, Susan Braxton, Elise Dunham, Heidi Imker, Kyle Rimkus Should We Keep Everything Forever?: Determining Long-Term Value of Research Data
    • This project developed guidelines and processes for reviewing published datasets deposited into the Illinois Data Bank after our minimum five-year commitment period ends. We aim to develop a mixed methods assessment approach by combining repository data with human-mediated review mechanisms.
  • Margaret (Peg) Burnette, Christie Wiley Exploring Data Management Support Needs of Bioengineering and Biomedical Research Faculty
    • This study explores biomedical and bioengineering researcher attitudes and practices regarding data management and sharing.  Outcomes include a better understanding of researchers’ data management practices and knowledge and use of campus data services by NIH grantees.
  • Eleanor Dickson, Harriett Green Digging, Reaching, and Learning: An Update on the First Year of the HathiTrust Research Center’s Librarian Training Program
    • The HathiTrust Research Center is leading an IMLS-funded multi-institutional project that seeks to arm librarians with practical skills in text mining methods and knowledge of trends in digital scholarship. This poster will offer an overview of the instructional design approaches used in developing the curriculum, and an analysis of the assessment and revision process.
  • JJ Pionke Research Services for People with Disabilities
    • The Research Services for People with Disabilities (RSPD) project assists library patrons with disabilities. This poster will highlight current results and implications for developing a training program that could be folded into existing reference services.
  • Kelli Trei The Biodiversity Heritage Library’s Impact on Scientific Research
    • This poster uses content analysis of a series of blog interviews with scientific and social science researchers to analyze the scientific impact of the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL), an open access digital library comprising primarily legacy literature representing the study of the variation of life on Earth.
  • Elizabeth Wickes Reworking the Workshop: Incorporating Behavioral Change Models Into Workshop Design
    • This poster describes efforts by the Research Data Service to incorporate behavioral change models into their workshop design flow, with the aim of providing a critical analysis framework, standardize outcomes, and produce greater impact with attendees.

Tech Demos                             Mac Computer

  • Jim Hahn, Benjamin Ryckman, Chang Liu Research and Development of an Intelligent Personalized Recommendations Platform for Library Accounts
    • This project leverages individual library catalog account data to develop proof of concept software that will generate personalized content recommendations for academic library users who opt in. The research seeks to understand what machine learning processes apply to library content.
  • Jen-chien Yu, Esra Coskun Re-Engineering Library Data for Visualization
    • The Office of Collections and Technical Services and Library Assessment at the University of Illinois Library have collaborated on re-engineering collection data to support faculty research and collection development. Participants will learn about the datasets and interact with the Tableau visualizations built with them.


Lightning Talks                        Globe                                           

  • Melanie Emerson Conversations With the Avant-Garde: The Books of Mikhail Karasik
    • This presentation examines the artist’s books of Mikhail Karasik in order to better understand the ways in which his books act as a dialog with earlier Russian avant-garde practices, while also creating new narratives that are both personal and political.
  • Celestina Savonius-Wroth Ceremonies of the People: The Religious Roots of British Romanticism
    • This project asks where the idea of “folklore” came from, and why the Romantic Movement glorified the “folk.” I analyze neglected sources, such as sermons, to show that 18th-century British interest in ordinary people’s lifeways had deep roots in religious discourse.
  • Mara Thacker (presenting), Julie Laut Why Chai Wai: A Creative, Collaborative Approach to Undergraduate Engagement
    • This research assess the success of a unique, project based learning assignment and library engagement event that were collaboratively developed by a library faculty member and an instructor from the History Department.
  • Marek Sroka American Books to the Rescue: The American Library Association (ALA) and the Postwar Restoration of Polish and Czechoslovak Libraries, 1944-1948
    • This historical research examines the ALA’s efforts at sharing the works of American cultural and research institutions with war devastated libraries in the context of World War II losses suffered by Polish and Czechoslovak libraries.
  • Steve Witt Evolution of the Right to Privacy Within the American Library Association: 1906-2002
    • From anarchist surveillance to the Patriot Act, the profession’s ability to respond to privacy threats evolved tremendously over the past century.  This paper combines text mining and historical methods to analyze the development of privacy norms within the US library profession.
  • JaEun Ku Why Conceptual Modeling? A Case Study of A11Y First Text Editor
    • This presentation reports how conceptual modeling can be used in building a text editor in order to ensure accessibility in the practice of content authors. Conceptual modeling supports development of systems users easily understand, and it establishes agreed-upon terms for objects, attributes, and actions.
  • Beth Sheehan (presenting), Karen Hogenboom Assessing a Patron-Driven, Library-Funded Data Purchase Program
    • The Library’s Data Purchase Program funds purchases of “small data” requested by campus researchers through an annual application cycle. Interviews with participants revealed that it fills a critical funding gap, especially for graduate students. Recommendations included increased marketing of acquired datasets, and more help using data.
  • Christie Wiley (presenting), William Mischo Data Management Practices and Perspectives of Atmospheric Scientists and Engineering Faculty
    • This study analyzes engineering and atmospheric science faculty data management practices and needs within the context of their research activities. Understanding these perspectives will allow libraries to develop programs that better integrate data management support into scholarly communication instruction and training.
  • Lynne Rudasill Sustaining Development- Where did it go?
    • This study reviews the reference citations of three top tier journals published on the topic of development and planning to determine the types of material being cited and the longevity of access to the non-traditional publications known as grey literature.
  • Kyle Rimkus (presenting), Scott Witmer An Evidence-Based Approach to File Format Management for Digital Preservation
    • This research seeks to advance digital preservation theory and practice by presenting an evidence-based model for identifying barriers to digital content rendering within a bit-level preservation repository.



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