Fall 2014 Publications by Library Faculty and Academic Professionals

Collaboration drives much research in libraries, and Fall 2014 publications by University of Illinois Library Faculty and Academic Professionals demonstrate the power of a good research partner whether at the same institution or elsewhere. The librarians listed below (see names in bold) published alongside researchers across the Illinois campus but also the country: they dug into questions regarding musicology research, information and digital literacies, and more. Even better? You can check out the fruits of these efforts via links to open access full text versions of articles on the publisher website or in IDEALS where available.

  • Davis-Kahl, Stephanie, Terri Fishel, and Merinda Kaye Hensley. “Weaving the Threads of Scholarly Communication and Information Literacy into Academic Librarian Roles.” C&RL News 75.8 (2014): 441–444.
  • Downie, J. Stephen, Kirstin Dougan, Sayan Bhattacharyya, Colleen Fallaw. “The HathiTrust Corpus: A Digital Library for Musicology Research?Proceedings, The 1st International Digital Workshop on Digital Libraries for Musicology. ACM Press, 2014.
  • Goodsett, Mandi and Kirstin Dougan. “A Win-Win Situation: Community Outreach through LibGuides.” Reimagining Reference in the 21st Century. Ed. by Tyckoson, David A. and John G. Dove. Charleston: Charleston Insight Series in Library, Information, and Archival Sciences, 2014.
  • Chan, Anita Say and Harriett Green. “Practicing Collaborative Digital Pedagogy to Foster Digital Literacies in Humanities Classrooms.” EduCause Review Sept/Oct (2014).
  • Heiberg, Scott, James Evans, Amanda Marolf, Lura E. Joseph, and Joyce Wright. Laying a New Foundation for Engaging Agricultural Media Gatekeepers. Grant Final Report. 2014.
  • Joseph, Lura E. “Image Quality in University of Illinois Digital Geology Dissertations from Proquest.” Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship 7 (Summer 2014).
  • Mischo, William H., Mary C. Schlembach, and Megan N. O’Donnell. “An Analysis of Data Management Plans in University of Illinois National Science Foundation Grant Proposals.” Journal of eScience Librarianship 3.1 (2014): 31-43.
  • Rimkus, Kyle. “Hostages of the Ephemeral: A Preservationist View of Electronic Literature.” Littérature et Numérique: Quand, Comment, Pourquoi? Formules/Revue Des Créations Formelles 18 (2014): 257-69.
  • Sotomayor, Antonio. “The Cold War Games of a Colonial Latin American Nation: San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1966.” Diplomatic Games: Sport, Statecraft, and International Relations since 1945. Ed. by Andrew Johns and Heather L. Dichter. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 2014: 217-249.
  • Sroka, Marek. “War through Children’s Eyes in the Archiwum Wschodnie (Eastern Archive) Collection.” Slavic and East European Information Resources 15.1/2 (2014): 80-93.
  • Szylowicz, Caroline. “Six lettres de Marcel Proust à Louis de Robert, Gaston Gallimard et Berthe Lemarié.” Bulletin d’informations proustiennes (Editions Rue d’Ulm). 44 (2014): 9-21.
  • Witt Steven W. “International Mind Alcoves: The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Libraries, and the Struggle for Global Public Opinion, 1917–54.” Library & Information History 30.4 (2014): 273-290.
  • Witt, Steven W. “Agents of Change: The Rise of International Librarianship and the Age of Globalization.” Library Trends 62.3 (2014): 504-518.

Peer reviewed and other significant entries are added to the full list of Major Publications by University of Illinois Library Faculty.

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