Winter trip to Puerto Rico

The trip to Puerto Rico has been a wonderful experience for me. I was constantly surprised by the biodiversity and beauty of the nature when I visited a new place each time. I truly appreciate what Puerto Rico has been doing to conserve the nature in its primitive look. Since I was blessed to visit Puerto Rico, I want to share the blessing with people visiting our booth during the open house by showing them several videos and footages of what we did and saw in Puerto Rico. I am thinking of adding both fun and educational elements into those videos. Those videos can be split into nature and agriculture and present it like a walk through Puerto Rico as discussed in class. In each part of the video. There should be some historical background about the topic so as to help audience have a better picture. After watching the video, audience will be given quizzes that are related to climate change and agricultural problems related to Illinois and Puerto Rico. In order to accommodate to audience of different age, we can come out with two sets of questions, e.g. one for elementary school students and the other one for older students. At the end of the booth, I hope the audience will capture the beauty of Puerto Rico and become a bit more aware of global issues related to agricultural sustainability.


2 thoughts on “Winter trip to Puerto Rico

  1. I like that you stressed how incredible the biodiversity of Puerto Rico was. This was both important and surprising to all. Also, I’m really glad you learned more about global issues. As this is a very important topic, maybe we should share our newfound knowledge at open house as well.

  2. I love your ideas on making accommodations for both a younger and older audience. I think this will help make the presentation more engaging overall. I know that we will be faced with a very broad audience at the open house so this strategy will be important. You’re ideas are fantastic and I know they will help us communicate our message clearly during our presentation at open house.

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