Puerto Rican Surprises

When thinking of how to present this blog I thought about what would engage people the most. I think that people respond the best to visuals. The best way to fully experience a place without actually going there is to see videos or pictures of it. In this video I talked about what surprised me most when visiting Puerto Rico: The landscape. I included visuals of the three most extreme landscapes that we observed while traveling abroad. These three extremes were the mountains/rainforest, ocean/beach, and the farming flatlands. I found it interesting how the terrain changes interacted with each other in terms of agriculture. At Martex farms we were taught about how many of the farmers irrigate their fields with the water from the mountains and how the placement of the fields between the mountains and the oceans creates an ideal environment for farming and produces very fertile soil. Overall, I hope to give the open house visitors the best idea possible of what it is like in Puerto Rico. I believe that through strong communication and effective visuals we will be able to do that for our booth visitors.

2 thoughts on “Puerto Rican Surprises

  1. Austin, your video is very well put together. The division between El Yunque, the coral reefs and beaches, and agriculture make it easy to understand. The variety of music made it fun to watch too. I liked the facts that you included about the number of waterfalls at el Yunque and the number of beaches in Puerto Rico. I did not know that the fertile soil resulted from the location between the mountains and the ocean; however, it was a very valuable fact to include. The facts can be included in the more informative and educational parts of the booth. I agree that we need to give them the best idea of what it was like in PR. All of the great video and pictures that you took will help us recreate the experience for them.

  2. Austin, this video is awesome. Your video editing skills will be very helpful as we prepare for the open house. I agree, that visuals will be most effective in engaging our audience. We all know that when we go to an open house event, we tend to gravitate towards the most visually appealing areas. Therefore it’s important we have great visuals to capture the visitor’s attention. We can do this in a variety of ways. We can use the short video we already have made, and/or make a longer and new one. Either way, we should be in good shape with the skill set we have. Also, the walk through Puerto Rico will have be very visually appealing.

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