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I took a different approach to this blog post, and made a blog that would represent a conversation I would have with a visitor at open house. I feel that our main goal at open house is to educate our visitors in creative and engaging ways. This blog post, I made a video of images I took during our visit to Cafe Gran Batey which was a coffee farm in Puerto Rico that produced very high quality coffee. Before the trip, I was unfamiliar with the process of harvesting and producing coffee. I feel like many of our visitors, especially kids, will also be unaware of the process and I think it is important to show them how it works considering the coffee industry in Puerto Rico is one of its largest. Basically, my vision for open house is to attract as many visitors as possible, and to explain to them our experience and what we learned. I feel that with a process like this video above, it will be easier for our audience to understand our experience through explanation with pictures. I feel that this type of video, along with our previous ideas we discussed as a group, I think we can effectively engage with our visitors and make it a fun experience for all of our visitors.

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  1. I like the idea of focusing one aspect among many things we were exposed to during the trip. Having a focus would make the booth more purpose driven and help us design it in a way that will help the audience to know a topic with deeper understanding. Such educational video will definitely enrich audience’s experience when they visit our booth.

  2. I agree about the education part completely! Hopefully we could also incorporate a view on the environmental aspects of what we saw in Puerto Rico. I think it would be great to make an educational experience while showing them the fun we had as well.

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