Agriculture Processes Comparison


Our EOH booth will be accessible and fun for all potential visitors. My vision is a booth with multiple forms of media throughout and an inviting display with the colors and cultural feelings of Puerto Rico infused throughout the booth. At the main table there will be multiple, approachable attendants inviting passerby’s into a trip through Puerto Rico. Once a visitor decides to check out our booth we will show them the displays playing multiple videos covering three varied topics which will encompass our journey. As they look at the topics they can walk up to the monitor to learn more. At the monitor they will put on headphones and learn more about the topic. At the monitor there will be panorama dividers which will be displaying images of Puerto Rico. These dividers will help the visitor be fully emerged in the Puerto Rico Experience. In addition to these stations, we will also have a monitor playing the interviews we conducted in Puerto Rico. These interviews touched on Illinois vs Puerto Rico as well as the importance of maintaining the environment. Finally, we will be there to give further information to visitors who have further interest or questions. Our booth will help educate visitors, while letting them enjoy themselves and providing the potential for further involvement.