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For the actual booth presentation, I hope to make the booth much more interactive; starting with a game similar to the game we presented to students at the University of Mayaguez. After this area I imagine us putting together a multi-section presentation, with each area being screened off from the next to help the viewer focus on the particular section of the booth. Each section would have photos from our trip containing that theme, along with a video on each of the different area themes (water, agriculture, and hiking/rain forest areas). This interaction would allow the viewers to interact with us, along with being able to interact with a visual stimuli that could provoke new thoughts and questions for us.

At the end of the presentation there would be several other of us that would be avaible to answer questions our viewer may have came up with. Alongside us we could also have several of the souvenirs and objects we brought back from Puerto Rico, so that the view could see even more stimuli. After attracting the viewers, we will know how to keep them focused on us, but it will be attracting them initially that could be difficult (especially at the beginning of open house when no one knows what we are); therefore I propose that we also have a blooper reel on a monitor alongside our barkers, in order to attract attention to the booth. This would help to attract attention to the booth, and then we could continue keeping their attention by our speaking and visual displays.

2 thoughts on “Blog #3 – Kate

  1. I like where you’re going with the setup for the booth. I’m just a bit curious about how we’ll screen off the sections for different aspects of our visit. While I fully agree that we should do our best to allow visitors to focus on individual aspects, I don’t know how easy it will be to implement screens separating them, and that could potentially become an issue. Regardless, the vision you have for the booth is outstanding!

  2. I love your ideas Kate and yes I agree that the more visual and tangible content we present the user the more they will get a feel for what Puerto Rico is really like! I think what you said about our presentation in Mayaguez is completely true, it was very successful. And I think that if something works we shouldn’t change it too much. So in that case we can add different aspects to the questions or more visuals what have you. I really am interested in your overall ideas for the booth because they sound interesting and I can imagine a large crowd being drawn to that sort of setting. I think your innovativeness will be very key in the upcoming planning meetings.

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