Project Role

Hi, my name is Austin Green and I am a freshman in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Illinois.

In this project I think that my role in this project is both a student and a teacher. As a student I will be learning while on the trip, taking in as much information as possible to share during the poster presentation. As a teacher I will communicate both my ideas and information to my classmates and to open house attendees. I will help to make our open house booth a success by contributing my talents and ideas.GREEN_AUSTIN_PHOTO

2 thoughts on “Project Role

  1. I can’t wait to be working with Austin on this project! He is always very enthusiastic and always a pleasure to work with! I’ve worked with him before and can attest to his quality as both a teacher and student, and would be thoroughly shocked if he wasn’t stellar in either role for this project!!

  2. Austin is going to contribute a huge amount to this project! He is great to work with and will play a huge role as a communicator and facilitator to make the best project possible! I have worked with him on past projects and he is great to work with so I am looking forward to working with him!

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