RSO Spotlight: Integrative Illini

By Sarah Bransley


With as many Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) as there are at the UIUC campus, it’s hard to find the right fit for you. That’s why the bloggers from TAG are starting a series called the RSO Spotlight! Members of TAG will write about RSOs that they are active in and give insight into what is great (and not so great) about each one.

For the first RSO spotlight, I’ll be covering Integrative Illini. This RSO is specifically for, but not limited to, Integrative Biology majors. This RSO doubles as a social and academic RSO. Many events through the year include meet and greets, camping, tutoring for STEM courses, and informational meetings on undergraduate research and internships.

I like Integrative Illini because it allows me to interact with other IB majors and get help with finding research jobs and internships. The exec board is very knowledgeable about these topics and are generally happy to assist any student with questions. The only drawback I can think of is member attendance. Since IB is a smaller major, the RSO is on the smaller side and not every meeting or social event will have tons of people. I like the one-on-one interaction I get with a smaller group, but I have talked with some people who would rather attend large social events.

No matter what size RSO you are more comfortable with, I would say that checking out Integrative Illini is a must for anyone interested in biology. The access to research and internship opportunities alone is worth your time. You can see what Integrative Illini is up to by visiting this Facebook page ->

RSO Spotlight: Illini Union Board

Hey to all old and new members of LAS TAG! Hope everyone’s winter break was great!

Are you fairly new to the University and looking for a group to join? Check out the Illini Union Board. It is a group of students who plan events for their fellow students! There are several committees including Weekend Entertainment, Special Events, and Musicals. You can find a committee that interests you and attend weekly meetings in order to discuss ideas of events! There are no requirements to join!

Nick Offerman from NBC’s Parks and Recreation came to the University of Illinois for a comedy show last year!

IUB brings a lot of fun events to school such as comedy shows (like Nick Offerman, shown in the picture), concerts, art shows, etc.

The Spring interest meeting is on January 23rd, 2013 from 6-8pm at Illini Union I-Room B. There will be free pizza so go check it out!



Visit the website for more information: