Volunteer: CCHS & Orpheum Children’s Science Museum

By Sarah Bransley


Everyone knows that volunteering is important and looks good on your CV, but did you know exactly how many volunteering opportunities there are on campus? There are so many that I can’t count them all. I will, however, go over my two favorite volunteering opportunities.

The first is at the Champaign County Humane Society (CCHS). It’s accessible by car or bus in east Urbana and is the main hub for the entire county’s needy animals. I’ve volunteered here before both as a Critter Care Volunteer and as a Medical Volunteer. I adore their vision and encourage anyone interested in animals who understand the commitment to apply. They have regular volunteer orientations at the local libraries. When I volunteered you signed up for a time slot and were expected to show up every week for 4 months. You start off cleaning cages & can move up “ranks” as you are trained in different aspects of the jobs. If you have experience in the field, talk to the volunteer coordinators as they may utilize your skills!

My second favorite place for volunteering is the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum in downtown Champaign. Depending on where you live you could walk, but I’d probably stick to the bus system. Certain RSOs volunteer here occasionally on special days, but they need volunteers all the time. If you go to their website you can see all the different jobs they have for volunteers. This museum has been around for 20 years and helps local kids get excited about science and art! What an amazing opportunity to help out the next generation.

If my two favorite places to volunteer don’t pique your interest, try visiting the Office of Volunteer Programs office, or website, to see if you can find something that fits you.





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