Where Do You Work Out?

By Sarah Bransley


After the holidays I know I feel like my arteries and veins are pushing a concoction more closely resembling a slushie than blood, so getting back to the gym is high on my priorities. Luckily, UIUC has two awesome facilities for working out during the cold weather.

CRCE (Campus Recreation Center East) and the ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) are both decked out with all sorts of equipment for every type of gym rat. They also offer classes and personal training for those of you, like me, who need incentive or a friend to get you to actually go.

The ARC is pretty far away from me at the corner of Peabody and 4th but has a large parking lot and is right on a couple bus routes so it’s easy to access in winter. If you end up in Ikenberry Commons though you’ve got it made since you’re right across the street! CRCE is in a better location for me, located at the corner of Gregory and Dorner right next to Allen Hall.

I’m going to be signing up for the semester pass so I can attend any group fitness class I would like, as I don’t really have anyone to work out with and like to have others to work out with. I’m definitely trying out the free week, occurring the first Tuesday to Tuesday of the spring semester. That way I can see which classes work with my schedule & if I actually like them! I’m hoping to find some good ones at CRCE so I don’t have to trek across campus.

However, I will trek across campus for personal training at the ARC because I love my trainer and the prices for students are extremely reasonable. My boyfriend and I do couples training which lowers the price even more and gives us workouts to do together when we aren’t with our trainer. Trainers are students studying in the field and looking to become personal trainers so they really know their stuff!

The ARC also has the climbing wall! So many of my friends, some of whom are in the UIUC Climbing Club, go there in the afternoons and evenings as a chance to get together and do something fun! In the winter it’s a great way to stay active INSIDE while still hanging out with your friends. For us it was nice because not everyone can be climbing at the same time, so down time is catch up time!

If you’ve never tried out either facility, definitely check them out. They are top notch facilities that you get to attend as part of your tuition and will keep your healthy throughout the New Year!

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