Spotlight: Secondary/Elementary Education Application

Hi all!
This is the first of hopefully many spotlight additions to the TAG blog!

One thing I know a lot of people have had issues with in transferring has been the lack of information about certain programs but have no fear, that’s what I’ll be covering!

If you are interested in a teaching degree from the University of Illinois, you have a few options.
You can apply for elementary education (K-5) or secondary education (6-12).
These programs are pretty differently but have essentially the same information that goes along with them. The biggest difference, besides grade level, is that elementary is a major meaning there is a bachelor’s degree given in education whereas secondary education is a minor so your bachelor’s degree is in a content such as English or math.

Both of these programs involve an application process (again, I know, I’m sorry) to be admitted. This application is due in February and is aimed primarily at sophomores going into their junior year. You CAN apply later on if you change you mind. Applications are only for fall of the next year as the classes come in sequences.

Here are some helpful hints if you’re thinking of applying:
-You need 50 hours of documented, official tutoring in schools at the level you plan to teach so plan accordingly!
-Start taking the classes that are required for application purposes (they all work towards the content major so no worries if you decide not to apply or accept the program)
-Start building a résumé! It’s never too early!
-Take the TAP test or check to see if your ACT scores exempt you

Here is what the application requires (and here):
-50 hours of documented tutoring
-An education resume
-Two essay questions
-A minimum of 2.5 GPA

Luckily, the College of Education recognizes transfer students, YAY!, so PLEASE read this too!

Here are some helpful contacts/cites:
College of Education
Secondary Education Blog
Secondary Education Wiki
Office of Clinical Experience (ELEMENTARY/SECONDARY-placements, course sequences)
Council on Teacher Education (ELEMENTARY/SECONDARY-certification, licensure, etc)
ICTS (ELEMENTARY/SECONDARY-registration for: TAP test, APT test, content tests)

Lastly, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as information goes! I am a secondary ed/English major so I’ve been through this myself! If you have any questions or need any help (English or not!), I would love to help!

Happy studying and good luck with finals!

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