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Edited Book and Special Issues

Dec 2022: Opsin-free Optogenetics Technology and Applications

(CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 1st edition, eBook ISBN9781003280750)


August 2020: Journal of Molecular Biology

Chemogenetics and Optogenetics – Control intracellular signal transduction in living cells and organisms



Journal Cover

2022 Brain

Qi Wang, Xiaomin Huang, Yixun Su, Guowei Yin, Shouyu Wang, Bin Yu, Hui Li, Junhua Qi, Hui Chen, Wen Zeng, Kai Zhang, Alexei Verkhratsky, Jianqin Niu, Chenju Yi, “Activation of Wnt/β-catenin pathway mitigates blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease,” Brain, 2022, awac236.

About the Cover: In Alzheimer’s disease, amyloid-oligomers suppress Wnt/ -catenin signalling in the brain endothelium, thus reducing functional expression of endothelial proteins and compromising blood- brain barrier. Artwork by Yixun Su and Qi Wang.


2021 Journal of Molecular Biology

Vishnu V. Krishnamurthy, Hyojeong Hwang, Jia Fu, Jing Yang*, Kai Zhang*, “Optogenetic control of the canonical Wnt signaling pathway during Xenopus laevis embryonic development”, Journal of Molecular Biology, 2021 (Outside Front Cover) [Link][PDF].

About the Cover: The low-density lipoprotein receptor protein 6, or LRP6, mediates the canonical Wnt signaling pathway and plays an essential role during development and disease. The authors demonstrated optogenetic activation of the Wnt pathway by light-inducible cytoplasm-to-membrane translocation of the LRP6 cytosolic domain, which induces body axis duplication in developing frog embryos. Ella Maru Studio designed the illustration.


2020 Nanoscale

Parinaz Fathi, Ayman Roslend, Kritika Mehta, Parikshit Moitra, Kai Zhang and Dipanjan Pan “UV-Trained and Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence of Biliverdin and Biliverdin Nanoparticles”, Nanoscale, 2020 (Inside Front Cover). [Link][PDF]

About the Cover: Carbon nanoparticles represent next-generation biosensors. Single-molecule detection of carbon nanoparticle fluorescence reveals their unique photophysics under UV illumination. 


2019. ACS Synthetic Biology

Payel Mondal, Vishnu Krishnamurthy, Savanna Sharum, Neeka Haack, Huiwen Zhou, Jennifer Cheng, Jing Yang, and Kai Zhang* “Repurposing protein degradation for optogenetic modulation of protein activities”, ACS Synthetic Biology, 2019,  8, 11, 2585-2592. [Link][PDF]

About the Cover: The GLIMPSe optogenetic system uses a degradation module to constitutively degrade a target protein until a protease-mediated rescue module cleaves the degradation sequence and stabilizes the protein. Stabilization of proteins that downregulate (MKP3) or upregulate (CA MEK) the ERK signaling pathway reduces or enhances neurite outgrowth in PC12 neuronal cells. View the article.

Research Articles

Independent work at Illinois (2014-)

68. [pre-print] Kangqiang QiuWeiwei ZouZhiqi TianTaosheng HuangNien-Pei TsaiKai ZhangJiajie Diao, “Enhancing Mitochondrial Functions by Optogenetic Clustering”


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60. Qi Wang, Xiaomin Huang, Yixun Su, Guowei Yin, Shouyu Wang, Bin Yu, Hui Li, Junhua Qi, Hui Chen, Wen Zeng, Kai Zhang, Alexei Verkhratsky, Jianqin Niu, Chenju Yi, “Activation of Wnt/β-catenin pathway mitigates blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease,” Brain, 2022, 145, 4474-4488. [Front Cover][LINK][PDF]

59. Kangqiang Qiu, Weiwei Zou, Hongbao Fang, Mingang Hao, Kritika Mehta, Zhiqi Tian, Jun-Lin Guan*, Kai Zhang*, Taosheng Huang*, Jiajie Diao*, “Light-activated mitochondrial fission through optogenetic control of mitochondria-lysosome contacts,” Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 4303. [LINK][PDF]

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-Highlighted in MCB news.

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Highlighted in UIUC MCB and Neuroscience Program News

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The press release can be found UIUC MCB and Neuroscience Program News

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  • Happy 60th Birthday, USTC!

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Highlight: Journal of Molecular Biology: Spotlight on Early Career Researchers

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Postdoctoral work at Stanford (2009-2014)

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Graduate work at UC-Berkeley (2002-2008)

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Undergraduate work at USTC (1997-2002)

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