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Examining talker context effects in speech perception

Toscano, J. C., & McMurray, B. (2012, November). Paper presented at the 11th Auditory Perception, Cognition, and Action Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.

Abstract:  A number of researchers have become interested in the effects of indexical information on speech perception. A commonly studied indexical cue is talker gender, which produces systematic changes in acoustic cues that are relevant for speech... Read more →

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Perceiving speech in context

Compensation for contextual variability at the level of acoustic cue encoding and categorization

Toscano, J. C. (2011). Doctoral dissertation, University of Iowa.


Several fundamental questions about speech perception concern how listeners understand spoken language despite considerable variability in speech sounds across different contexts (the problem of lack of invariance in speech)... Read more →

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Acoustic cue integration in natural speech

Empirical and computational results

Toscano, J. C. and McMurray, B. (2006, October). Talk presented at the 12th Midcontinental Workshop on Phonology, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA.


Multiple acoustic cues in the speech signal often contribute to a single phonetic categorization. For example, in the perception of word-initial voicing in stop consonants, voice onset time (VOT) and vowel length have both been shown to influence voicing judgments (Summerfield, 1981)... Read more →

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