iMovie Tutorials

Get logged into to for the tutorials for iMovie. After logging in to the links below will work.

STEP ONE – Understanding the Interface

  1. iMovie Interface Overview
  2. The Library and Event Browser
  3. Selecting and Adding Clips to a Project
  4. The Toolbar

If you are moving your clips to an external hard drive WATCH THIS. Very important if you are using a lab computer.

Turn on the "Advanced Tools". This is done from the iMovie Preferences menu.

Advanced Tools from Preferences Menu

This adds extra editing tools that will come in handy later.


This document linked below will be used for your storyboard development.

Storyboard available as a Word Doc

STEP TWO – Editing the Visual Content

  1. Selecting and adding clips to a project
  2. Trimming Clips – "Fitting the Pieces Together"
  3. Fine Tuning Clips
  4. Splitting Clips
  5. Cropping and Rotating
  6. Still Images – the Ken Burns Effect
  7. Advanced Edit Tool
  8. Traditional Timeline

STEP THREE – Adding Additional Audio and Editing

  1. Adjusting audio levels and position
  2. Adding music and sound effects
  3. Adding background music
  4. Adding a voiceover
  5. Extracting audio from other clips

STEP FOUR – Still Images, Titling and Visual Fun

  1. Adding Titles
  2. Green Scree

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