Before the First Time We Meet

After reading through the blog post please reflect on the following questions:

  1. Assess your current personal mobile media gathering. Do you personally have devices that provide the ability to acquire media that is “adequate” for your class projects? What are the devices and how have you used them in the past?
  2. Is there a difference in “adequate” quality raw media (photos, video and audio before they are edited) and “high quality” media? Are they different situations and venues where adequate and quality media are applicable and appropriate?
  3. Is “adequate” quality the best term?
  4. Given your current understanding of production equipment, what do you see as needed gear for your class projects that wasn’t mentioned in the blog post.

Please view these four brief videos by Koci Hernandez. What do you think of his transition to using mobile devices rather than traditional “pro” equipment?

His main site is a treasure trove of mobile storytelling goodness. As you consider media projects this is a good place to start for ideas and inspiration.

Making instructional media successful