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A podcast about publishing, delivering, and circulating online content. I publish one episode a week, generally about a concept important to online content. Thanks for listening!

Episodes (recent first)


Episode 40: The Art of the Skype Interview

Episode 39: Practices for Augmented Reality

Episode 38: Content Concepts for Augmented Reality

Episode 37: Default Settings

Episode 36: Minimalism and Simplicity

Episode 35: Failure

Episode 34: Increasing Reach in Ethical Ways, part 2

Episode 33: Increasing Reach in Ethical Ways, part 1

Episode 32: Interface as Instruction

Episode 31: Reducing Clicks!

Episode 30: Faceted Navigation

Episode 29: Reading Linearly vs. Modularly

Episode 28: Audience Terms

Episode 27: Content Fit

Episode 26: Abstraction

Episode 25: Creating/Finding Audiences

Episode 24: Cycles of Content

Episode 23: Empty State Pages

Episode 22: Listening

Episode 21: Principles of Data Visualization, part 3

Episode 20: Principles of Data Visualization, part 2

Episode 19: Principles  of Data Visualization, part 1

Episode 18: The Individual Ideology of Content Production

Episode 17: Data Visualization: Definitions, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Episode 16: Comment Policies and Netiquettes

Episode 15: The Significance of Interfaces

Episode 14: Managing Audiences

Episode 13: SEO mechanics (off-site)

Episode 12: Screen-captures

Episode 11: Produced vs. Impromptu Content

Episode 10: SEO mechanics (on-site)

Episode 9: Interview with Guiseppe Getto, CEO of Content Garden

[FYI first few minutes of the interview are a bit garbled]

Episode 8: SEO explained (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 7: Interaction, Web 1.0, and Web 2.0 (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 6: Defining Content  (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 5: Defining a brand (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 4: Circulation (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 3: Persistence (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 2: Consistency (DOWNLOAD)

Episode 1: Introduction (DOWNLOAD)


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