Kavli Frontiers of Science

I was honored to be selected to attend the Indonesian-U.S. Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium in Ambon, Indonesia, this summer.

I also got to reconnect with fellow Cobb Lab alum, Dr. Intan Nurhati. And I finally tasted durian (no comment).

photo credit: Intan Nurhati

Kiritimati Fieldwork, 2017

We collected loads of sediment and water samples during our June expedition to Kiritimati. I have so much admiration for these remarkable scientists, who made this trip fun and easy:

From left: Christina Karamperidou, Melinda Higley, Jess Conroy and Allie Wyman

Conroy Lab rocks!

[Double] congrats to Melinda Higley, who is the recipient of both the Kirkpatrick Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Geology and the Harriet Wallace Outstanding Woman Graduate Student in Geology Award! I’m a proud advisor.

March 2017 talks

I talked about Galápagos seabirds and marine productivity (Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, UIUC), tropical Pacific stable water isotopolgues (Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences, Brown University), and climate change (United Methodist Women Spring Gathering) last month.

Up next: the PAGES open science meeting in Zaragoza, Spain. Can’t wait!

Fall 2016 Happenings

At the top of the list, I am excited to receive $110K from the ACS-PRF-DNI to launch a new research program investigating microbial controls on carbonate precipitation. Thank you!

I recently gave at talk at University of Iowa, and had a great time discussing water isotopes and helping to coax their Picarro back to life.

And, a new paper is out in EPSL on Tibet monsoon precipitation variability during the late Holocene.